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Myth About Childhood Influence On Adult Life

depressed boy suffering from parents conflict 9LMRPZW scaled

“What does my childhood have to do with…my divorce…my addiction…my temper…my career choice…my relationships…my health…? My childhood has nothing to do with what’s happening in my life now.” This attitude is one of the most common myths about childhood. This myth is as delusive as the attitude, “Because children forget the bad things that happen … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Sixteen

You have heard the word.  You have probably been accused of having it…or even accused yourself. The word is denial. Denial is a normal survival and coping response to conflict in childhood. However, your childhood denial brought into adult experience will hurt you. What can help you in childhood can harm you in adulthood. Denial … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Twelve

Do you think you are a victim of childhood circumstances? Well, in some ways you are. However, you, without realizing it participated in your original programming by how you interpreted your experiences and how you chose to deal with what happened to you. You have you own temperament and personality…from the beginning. So consider this … Read more