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Inner Child Healing Workshop: The Renaissance Experience

Inner Child Healing Workshop: The Renaissance Experience

If you are currently in therapy with Dr. Wendy or are would like to be, consider including this workshop as a part of your personal growth. ​Small safe group experience has proven to be transformative. You can achieve in this workshop what you cannot achieve in one-on-one therapy. This is where you will receive the love, support, compassion, and insight you cannot find anywhere else.

child looking upAny concerns you may have about opening yourself with people you don’t know will disappear quickly. You will feel an instant connection with your workshop “family.”

“Renaissance” means rebirth or reawakening. In this intensive inner child healing workshop you will be introduced to the YOU that has been waiting to be awakened. Identify and transform your self-defeating core beliefs into beliefs that support healthy adult experience. Through regression, communication and nurturing of your inner child you can transform how you think, feel, and act. Conquer anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, and relationship conflicts. Accelerate your personal growth in the company of a small group of people who are committed to doing the same. The workshop is transformative, compassionate, fascinating, and in moments blissful and thrilling.

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This inner child healing workshop helps expedite you on your personal journey and offers many growth opportunities that one-on-one counseling cannot. Wendy will teach you how to use self hypnosis for your own personal growth. You will take yourself to a higher level of awareness and clarity of action.You will experience the support and energy a group of committed people can give to one another. You will stretch yourself while doing processes that help transform self-defeating core beliefs into healthy core beliefs. During and after the workshop you will feel the deep satisfaction of watching your life and relationships become more enlivened, more meaningful, and more the way you want.

Professional as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Wendy has conducted this workshop continuously since 1984. She has lead hundreds of people in small groups to find their own truths, Past clients regard this workshop as profound and life supporting. Dr. Wendy has been able to track the results of participants through the years. Often participants say that their Renaissance Experience marked the beginning of a new life for them. All say that they were touched in loving ways they had never been touched before. For some it is a deep spiritual experience. For others it is an awakening to their own worthiness and to the possibility of living their dreams. You can make it what you want it to be. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a seasoned certified clinical hypnotherapist who gets to the root of any conflict and helps you transform your life. She has been in practice for over 30 years in hypnotherapy. Trained in core belief transformation, Dr. Wendy is skilled in hypnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques that heal and transform.

The workshop is five days: The Renaissance Experience begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Sunday. The workshop takes place in the privacy of Dr. Wendy’s office in Encinitas, California.

The inner child healing workshop is presented as a series of processes that are included in The True Seeker’s Guide to a Better Life that help you identify those experiences in your past that set negative and self-defeating core beliefs and behavior patterns. After identifying those core beliefs and patterns Dr. Wendy will show you how to transform them though gentle communication with your deeper self, your inner child.  Dr. Wendy will work with each participant individually and with the group as a whole, customizing the work to meet the needs of each individual. She will work with you to help open you mind and spirit to new possibilities for you life. You will be “processing” your own personal issues and goals. Another wonderful aspect of the workshop is the music that Dr. Wendy plays. It helps “lock in” what you are learning.

The group experience is unique in that it can accomplish what one-on-one counseling cannot. You will be moved by the love and courage of your fellow participants. This will inspire you to take emotional and spiritual risks that will propel you forward in your personal growth. This energy of love and commitment has healing power.

Continuing Education – After the workshop is complete you will have the opportunity to reinforce the experience by participating in on-going group meetings. These meetings are inspiring and have shown themselves to be extremely helpful in deepening the learning.

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