The Songs


  • Inspiring
  • Filled with feeling
  • Challenging and victorious
  • Captures your heart and soul

Wendy Hill’s music is like dancing on Heaven’s Wing. I just finished listening to Wendy’s CD from start to finish and I was so touched! I cried most of the way through it. Her voice rings with a very distinct tone, one of powerful gentleness. Her voice is similar during her sessions. She was gentle yet firm when she assisted me to see my truth. I also want to mention that I LOVE her song, “Show me the Way!” When she sings that verse it’s like a huge bell goes off in my heart and my own warrior spirit bursts through! 

I attended her Renaissance Experience Workshop and LOVED it! I found a real truth about myself that I will carry with me forever. I thank God for Wendy Hill.”           Jill T., Santee, CA

 The Songs are the collection of songs written for the movie, The Call To Adventure. Each song reflects the feelings and experiences we have when facing a life challenge responsibly. They offer hope and urge us forward in our personal journey toward ourselves.

Lyrics and vocals by Wendy Hill. Music by Martin Dorren, Cynthia Norris-Dorren, and Tom Barabas. Songs mixed and mastered by John Archer.


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