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Importance of Desire and Warrior Spirit

As a therapist practicing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Encinitas, California I am naturally interested in the subject of happiness. How to be happy can be a tricky thing. Here is a piece of the puzzle, my take on the relationship between desire and warrior spirit.

Desire and warrior spirit are two related aspects necessary for the achievement of anything of value in life. If you have not yet learned to master these two aspects of yourself, you will automatically find that you are a victim of life’s circumstances. You are a co-creator of your own life experience. You co-create with other people and the great mysterious energy present in all creation. But you, above all, in co-operation with The Great Loving Wise One within yourself, are the primary creator of your life experience. You choose the attitudes with which you regard all your life circumstances. You and you alone determine the use or misuse of your own will. And you choose the degree and intensity of your own desire and warrior spirit.


Most of us do not think of desire as a major determining factor in our own happiness. We tend to think in terms of fate allowing or denying us what we want. How many times have you heard someone say, “Since there are so many blocks to me having this, I guess it means I’m not supposed to have it. I guess I’ll just let it go.” How many times have you had this attitude? If so, you may have misinterpreted the meaning of those blocks. Road blocks and problems in life can accomplish one of two things: (1) weaken you and your resolve or (2) strengthen you and your resolve. Whether you are strengthened or weakened is determined by you. Do you allow the problem to overcome your spirit or do you rise your spirit above the problem? Often problems are a test of your desire. How much do you want this? Are you willing to implement your warrior spirit to get it? Are you willing to suffer for it if necessary? The degree of your desire determines the potential of your success. The degree of your warrior spirit determines the actualization of your success. Develop a strong desire in all that you want and it is likely that you will be a smashing success at life.


Building desire is like anything else. It takes your effort. First become aware of the need for desire in order to achieve. Become clear about what you want, asking yourself, “What do I want?” (All desire must be based on wisdom in order for true positive results to be maintained. All efforts willed without wisdom will eventually end in suffering. Always consult within for wisdom and guidance.) Not knowing what you want may be nothing more than your hidden desire to avoid responsibility for your life. The more you desire to avoid taking responsibility for your life, the less you will know about what you want. Knowing what you want can be a painful exercise. If you want to be happy, you will be willing to tough through that exercise and find out what you want. (Paradoxically, that requires desire and warrior spirit. The awareness for the need to do this is often awakened by the realization of the need to take more responsibility for your life. This awareness is often brought on by your own suffering.) Once you are clear about what you want, reinforce within yourself the importance of having it. Inwardly list the reasons for having it. Think of and speak of these reasons often until you have convinced yourself of the necessity of having what you want in your life. Choose to feel desire and stoke the fires of your desire over and over again. Become passionate about what you want.   As your desire grows, so will your willingness to implement your warrior spirit.


Warrior spirit is the willingness to act, to tough it out no matter what the personal cost. In essence, it is the willingness to die for a worthy cause. The true warrior going into battle has already reckoned with his death and proceeds with total commitment, willing to die if necessary. The death that is most often required of us in order to succeed is the death of the ego desire for comfort, acceptance, and the need to never fail. The warrior perseveres in spite of these risks. The warrior spirit is, “I persevere with determination.” Learn the warrior spirit and you will experience life fully and its incredible rewards. You are worthy of this effort.

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