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Hypnotherapy Training for Professionals

Hypnotherapy Training for Professionals 1

Dr. Wendy Hill offers inner child healing, core belief therapy, regression therapy, and hypnotherapy training for therapists and other professionals in the mental health field and to those who are seeking an advanced degree in psychology and human behavior.

Quickly get to the root cause of your client’s problems and offer ways to healing and psychological freedom. Deep work with results in just sessions.

Hypnotherapy training is done individually and/or small groups. Dr. Wendy believes you will learn best when going through the process as a client. She will begin your training working on an issue of your own choice. She may also suggest you participate in a small group workshop where she will work with you and others. You will get to see her in action working in an intensive learning environment live. Later she will observe you working with your own “clients.”

Hypnotherapy training for therapists and mental health professionals is offered on a continuing basis in Encinitas in North San Diego County, California and over Zoom.

To register for this training call Dr. Wendy now. 760-994-9296.

Dr. Wendy’s Hypnotherapy Training Concepts

  • The experience of love heals and must be the goal of all therapy.
  • The answers to one’s questions are within the self.
  • The imagination is a powerful source of healing and hypnotic suggestion.
  • Childhood experiences form one’s core beliefs and are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind.
  • Core beliefs are formed in the womb to the approximate age of eight.
  • Core beliefs taken on in childhood can be identified in adult experience.
  • Subconscious core beliefs dictate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors though out life until brought into the conscious mind and transformed.
  • To change self-defeating behaviors in the present it is necessary to examine and heal childhood experience.
  • The True Self is hidden behind the unresolved traumas, large and small, of childhood.
  • The True Self is the realization of and the connection to one’s highest self (spirituality) that which is great and loving and wise.
  • To embark on such a journey requires healthy suffering and courage and the skill and love of a capable therapist who has done the work themselves.
  • The subconscious mind can communicate with the conscious mind.
  • Forgotten, repressed, and trivialized memories can be brought into the conscious mind through the process of regression.
  • High impact moments are events during which decisions are made that form core beliefs about the self, others, and the nature of reality.
  • High impact moment decisions become core beliefs that create patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior.
  • High impact moments can be brought into consciousness through the process of regression.
  • The wounded inner child can be rescued by the adult self during the process of regression.
  • The adult self and the highest self can communicate with the wounded child.
  • The adult self can take a stand for the wounded child.
  • Using the imagination the adult self can take the wounded child into a new childhood home that is loving and healthy.
  • The spiritual experience of love, safety, innocence, and worth must be known and experienced by the wounded child.
  • Repressed emotions must be brought into consciousness and released physically.
  • Anger is the most productive of the four painful emotional groups (fear, shame, grief, and anger) and can be used to transform self-defeating core beliefs.
  • The process of talking remotely to the people who contributed to wounding the child opens the door to emotional release and self-empowerment.
  •  Asking the highest self (Great Loving Wise Self) for guidance opens the door for the experience of love and the realization of one’s lovability, worthiness, innocence, and safety.
  •  One can claim the Truth about self which consequently transforms how one thinks, feels, and acts.
  • How one communicates to self and others in the present determines experience.

Instruction and Processes for Hypnotherapy Training

  • How to take the proper childhood history.
  • Initial Meeting of the Wounded Inner Child.
  • Observing the Family of the Past
  • Using the Springboard of Current Conflict as a way into the past.
  • Hypnosis Induction.
  • Regression to High Impact Moments.
  • Rescuing the Wounded Child.
  • Dialoguing with the wounded child.
  • Taking a stand for the wounded child.
  • Introducing the Wounded Child to new environment (Perfect Childhood Home.)
  • Talking to the People of the Past.
  • Life Event Life Steps One and Two: Experiences and Decisions.
  • Emotional release with The Pillow Hit, The Tantrum, and The Cry
  • Taking a Stand
  • Experiencing a Truth
  • Win-Win Communication Skills.

Dr. Wendy was trained by Milton Erickson, Carl Rogers, and has over 40 years of private practice experience.

Hypnotherapy Training for Professionals 2Dr. Wendy was trained by Milton Erickson, the noted “father of hypnosis” and Carl Rogers, the founder of humanistic psychology. Her PhD and Masters Degrees in human behavior and psychology have offered a broad and in-depth basis for her work. She completed her undergraduate work at Whittier College, her graduate work at United States International University, and post graduate work at U. C. Irvine, California State University, Los Angeles, Univ. of M.S., and UCLA.

Hypnotherapy Training for Professionals 3Transformational Approach

Incorporating music, hypnotherapy, childhood regression, and other advanced clinical techniques, Dr. Wendy provides a unique, highly effective therapy and coaching.

Experienced Professional

After 40+ years in clinical practice, Wendy has seen and heard a lot. This background empowers her to handle situations that other therapists would find difficult to navigate.

Welcoming & Caring Healer

The friendly, helpful personality that Wendy brings into every hypnotherapy training session is central to her therapy practice. Her sincerity and thoughtfulness make her practice one in a million.

About Dr. Wendy

Dr. Wendy HillWendy Hill, PhD has over 40 years experience in clinical hypnotherapy. She is based in Encinitas, California. She focuses on core belief transformation and inner child healing. She has a Masters Degree and a Ph.D. in Human Behavior and psychology. Dr. Wendy specializes in advanced clinical hypnotherapy, identifying and transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs that cause life’s most common challenges and conflicts.  She is skilled in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, self-esteem, and life challenges. Her course in hypnotherapy training is on-going.

Dr. Wendy’s Specialties

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Problems
  • Addiction
  • Self-Esteem
  • Inner Child Healing

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Learn new skills to add to your existing skillset with The Hill Method. Learn how to quickly and efficiently work on a deeper level with your clients. You will start to see tangible results in just a few sessions.

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