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Past Life Regression and This Life Regression

People contact me, Wendy Hill, Ph.D., every week wanting me to help them experience a past life regression. Hypnotherapy and regression are important in my work as a therapist so it is no mystery why so many want my help. In fact I have been practicing as a therapist for many years and have seen over and over again the value of regression therapy. People’s lives are changed for the better after experiencing the root cause of their life experience.

Here are some tips if you are interested in regression therapy:

  1. Explore your past lives as a way of understanding and transforming something that is happening in your current life.
  2. Don’t go just out of curiosity. You will learn very little of significance and you will only seek to satisfy your ego desires.
  3. Seek past life and this life regression because you want to heal or transform some challenge in your current life.
  4. Keep and open mind to doing a this (current) life regression in seeking resolution.
  5. Remember that your soul is timeless and doesn’t segment it’s physical experience into particular lives but experiences itself as on a continuum.
  6. You can carry unresolved and negative core beliefs from one life to another.
  7. To change negative self-defeating core beliefs you must understand not only you past life experiences but you must also understand your current life programming.

When Carol called me wanting a past life regression I asked her why she wanted to do this. She told me that she had read Brian Weiss and was fascinated with what she learned. I told her that I don’t work with  people who are just curious about who they were in a past life but like Brian Weiss (I have also been trained by Milton Erickson, the famed world hypnotherapist) I specialize in helping my clients resolve current life issues through past and present life regression. Then she said that her relationship with her mother was very negative and she wanted to know what happened in a past life that caused it. She said that her relationship with her mother had caused many of her problems with self-esteem and that she experienced some anxiety and depression throughout her life as a result. At that point I believed I could help Carol and accepted her as a client.

After working with Carol doing both past and present life regressions Carol began to experience increased self-esteem and peace of mind. She was amazed and delighted to observe in herself the growth that was automatically occurring. For example, she found herself speaking up more often. She was able to say and do things that she was unable to say and do before. And she was experiencing positive feedback from others.

Because Carol came to this therapy with an open mind she gained maximum benefit from her past and present life regressions.

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