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Why Psychotherapeutic Techniques with Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapeutic techniques with hypnotherapy heals.

Hypnotherapy offers the ability to uncover and transform the subconscious forces that cause conflict.

Inner child healing and regression are a part of hypnotherapy treatment.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. combines psychotherapeutic techniques with hypnotherapy to create a powerful therapy that goes deeper than the average therapy.  Dr. Wendy specializes in transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs into core beliefs that support happy, healthy adult experience. Her treatment addresses anxiety, overwhelm, depression, stress, self-esteem, and relationship issues. Dr. Wendy helps her clients identify the origin of the problem, most often in childhood, to resolve and heal forgotten or trivialized trauma. Inner child healing, regression, and hypnosis techniques are a focal part of her treatment.

Psychotherapy with Hypnotherapy Heals Depression and Anxiety

One might call Dr. Wendy Hill’s work the “graduate school” of therapies. Since Dr. Wendy has been in practice for so many years she has not only had time to develop truly effective processes but she has had time to learn how to quickly “read” her client’s needs.

Really good hypnotherapy should be the art of helping a person transform how they think, feel, and act in such a way that they find resolution their problems and peace of mind.

A client should experience the beginnings of transformation within the first five to ten hours of therapy. If they don’t then they should address the therapist directly.

Some people go for years to the same therapist achieving not much more than having an expensive friend with whom they can confide. That should not be. You should experience change for the better in all aspects of your life within a relatively short time.

A good therapist will take your history and write it down and then refer to it often. A good therapist will take notes to help them and their client understand the whole picture and to achieve success. Dr. Wendy does this.

A good therapist should help you move through your defenses in such a way that you feel truly supported, cared about. Dr. Wendy truly cares.

Who you are in the present including your self-defeating patterns has been created over your lifetime.

Good therapy will not just deal with the present. Good therapy will explore the programming you have received throughout your life, in particular in childhood. Dr. Wendy does this.

Psychotherapy with hypnotherapy heals childhood trauma

A great therapist using hypnotherapy will help her client make the connection between childhood programming and patterns of thought, behavior, and feeling that cause the current conflict they are experiencing. Dr. Wendy does this.

Most therapists offer only 45 minute or one hour sessions. This is barely enough time to get into the necessary depth required for positive change. Dr. Wendy offers two hour sessions.

Most therapies only address and treat symptoms. This is like attempting to put out spot fires without going to the source of the fire. You may put out a fire temporarily only to see it reignite with a vengeance later.

A great therapist will help you understand to the root of a problem, not just skim the surface. You should know what subconscious core beliefs have been active that have caused your current problem. Dr. Wendy helps you do this.

Dr. Wendy specializes in identifying and transforming the subconscious self-defeating core beliefs that cause conflict in relationships and well-being. She helps with those who have anxiety, depression, addiction, relationships problems, burn out, and a myriad of other problems.

Anxiety, depression, addiction, relationships problems, and other problems are symptoms. Dr. Wendy helps you find what has caused these symptoms and helps your resolve the underlying problem. When this is done the symptoms simply disappear.

Good hypnotherapy should offer processes that you can take home and do yourself. Homework is a good thing. Dr. Wendy has many helpful processes and homework assignments she can teach you.

Dr. Wendy believes that win-win communication is an important part of good therapy. She has developed a way to help you automatically learn how to communicate in such a way as to support what you need as well as those with whom you communicate.

A great therapist will posses almost psychic skills that allow her to read her clients on a deep level. This skill helps the therapist cut through many hours of arduous therapy. Dr. Wendy has the ability to automatically “read” you. Her intuitive skills help her have insights not easily seen otherwise.

A great therapist is not in burn out themselves. They regulate their sessions and limit their clientele. Dr. Wendy does this. You can be sure that she is rested and able to focus completely on you.

A great therapist is a consummate listener. This means that not only do they pay attention with full concentration on you and your goals. They listen for things you say, do, and express that help reveal your underlying issues. This is a developed skill. Dr. Wendy has this skill.

A great client has courage and is willing to persevere with determination until they have reached their goal. The client/therapist relationship is a very unique and special relationship. It is truly team work in its most positive form. Both therapist and client must have courage to walk together into the unknown and emerge victorious.

In the end great therapy is loving and truly spiritual. This is the essence of Dr. Wendy’s dedication.

Dr. Wendy is the most surprisingly focused, loving, and dedicated therapist. She is different from the rest in the best possible ways. She believes in you.


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