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Depression Cure Therapist

Are you looking for a depression cure therapist?  Dr. Wendy treats the cause, not the symptom.

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​Most people have experienced depression, sometimes for short times and sometimes for a long time. In fact, depression is so common that for some it’s a way of life. But it doesn’t have to be.

Short term depression is related to a current loss of some significance to you. It could be the death of someone you love or a change in status like getting married. Short term depression can be natural until you have adjusted, grieved, or resolved the loss or change in your life.

What does a depression cure therapist do? Today I’m going to talk about long term depression or depression that is part of a repeated pattern in your life. Sometimes depression can come and go and can be identified as a recurring thing that is related to an original cause in the past. Certain events or conditions can trigger depression. For example being with certain people, a season of the year, or doing something you don’t like. Even certain smells or sounds can trigger subconscious memories and emotions that cause depression.

In order to cure depression you need to understand what causes depression. Dr. Wendy, a depression cure therapist, understands and will help you understand and heal your depression.

Of course everyone is different and you are unique. What I say here must be understood from that perspective. So here it is. Simply put depression is caused by depressed or repressed memories

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 and emotions like anger, fear, grief, or shame. In other words, things you were upset about in the past either consciously or subconsciously are still bothering you. You have yet to deal with them in a way that resolves the problem.

Dr. Wendy is the depression cure therapist you may need most.

Perhaps think that you are depressed about some current chronic condition and that if that problem went away you would no longer be depressed. But consider this. If your depression persists it may be because it’s related to some unresolved problem in the past. You may be depressed about something that happened a long time ago that set a pattern of how you think, feel, and act and even if the current problem went away you may still be vulnerable to having your depression triggered by something else.

Some trauma, stress, or upset from childhood may have set in you an upsetting core belief about yourself and your life that in turn created a self-defeating pattern of how you feel, think, and act. Here’s an example: If you were caused to feel unworthy as a child then you may develop a pattern of feeling unworthy throughout your life. This feeling of unworthiness is indeed depressing. Hence, depression.

So what can you do about this? Since your depression is likely linked to some unresolved problem in your past, and most likely in your childhood, it makes sense to go back to that problem and fix it.  As the adult you are today you have a more mature point of view about the problem than you could have when you were younger. That allows you to see things more realistically and positively.

The catch is that sometimes the original event or events that have caused your depression are forgotten or if remembered they have been trivialized. Depression causing events can go back as far as the womb, infancy, and early childhood. It takes a special process to recall what actually happened so that you can heal it. There is such a process and if used with the help of a skilled therapist trained in hypnotherapy it can be a God-send.

The process of going back in time is called regression. To learn more about this process click on the link on Hypnotherapy, Regression, Core Beliefs.

As a depression cure therapist Dr. Wendy offers the tool of regression. Using the tool of regression offers you the opportunity to remember the original event or events that have caused your depression. It also allows you to identify and express the repressed emotion that have perpetuated your depression. You will be able to connect your current depression with the original event or events. You will be able to see a pattern of how you think, feel, and act that has followed you to this point in your life. And it allows you to see things differently.

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All this empowers you to change how you think, feel, and act in the present. It can help you make better more conscious decisions about what to do in your current life. You can turn unhealthy self-defeating attitudes and beliefs into ones that support healthy adult experience. Your depression will leave you and be replaced with a greater sense of well-being.

If you would like to know more about how to help yourself grow I invite you to call me for a live Zoom or in-person session. You can also help yourself through one of my self-guided workshops like The True Seekers Guide To A Better Life or The Call To Adventure or listen to the Life Lessons audios.

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