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Past Life Regression

Experience past life regression workshops and one-on-one therapy with Dr. Wendy Hill. For many people reincarnation and karma are realities. To those who share that belief, past and future lives are a real thing. Now past life regression can be helpful in healing your current life challenges. 

Past life regression offers you the opportunity to observe and heal trauma experienced in your prior life whose influences have come into your current life.

Just as childhood experiences in your current life set your core beliefs about yourself so do experiences in previous lives. Core beliefs you carried in a prior life can be brought into your current life. Working with Dr. Wendy you can make the connection between your past life and your current life.

You can have a greater understanding of your life purpose and what you have come here to learn.

You can have insights as to why you incarnated into the family and environment you were born into in this life. It also allows you to have a broader perspective on the nature of your world.

Many people are not satisfied with the results of traditional psychotherapy and want to look further for the cause of conflict they are experiencing. Just as current life regression back to childhood offers the opportunity for deep healing and life transformation, so does past life regression.

Life by its nature is difficult, full of challenges and disappointments. But when we responsibly face our life challenges something wonderful happens. We can heal the past and live more fully in the present. We can build greater self-confidence and integrity and we open the door to loving ourselves and others on a deeper level. And we can experience joy.

If you would like to know more about your past lives and experience a past life regression I invite you to a live zoom session with me or an in-person session in my office. To learn and do more for healing and life transformation download one of my self-guided workshops like The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life, or The Call To Adventure, or listen to my audios in Life Lessons. Meanwhile, I am here.

My very best to you, Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

Participate in a past life regression workshop.

Past Life Regression is powerful!

Reincarnation a Reality for Many

For many reincarnation is a reality. Many major religions embrace the concepts of reincarnation and karma as truth. Even Christianity embraced it until Constantine banned the concept in his Second Council of Constantinople in 553 AD when all teachings were destroyed.

The concept of reincarnation opens doors of understanding, comfort, and a sense of justice for those who embrace it. Many believers want to know about and learn from their past lives. Some are simply curious. Others seek a healing for current conflicting patterns.

Past Life Regression, Brian Weiss, M.D. and Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian Weiss has been a leader in bringing into consciousness the reality of and potential for healing through reincarnation. Dr. Wendy Hill’s practice of forty plus years has followed the same path as Dr. Weiss. Similar to Dr. Weiss, Dr. Hill witnessed her clients automatically regress back to previous lives and automatically heal their current life’s problems as a result. The regression techniques used by Dr. Weiss and Dr. Hill developed organically over the years and have resulted in the same methods.

You Can Heal Yourself By Visiting The Past with Past Life Regression

By witnessing your past lives you can identify and transform self-defeating core beliefs you have brought into your current life. Think of yourself throughout time and space as a soul traveling from one life to another, bringing forward attitudes, beliefs, habits, emotions, and patterns of behavior. Through witnessing the origin of your patterns you possess the power to alter those self-defeating patterns. You can bring peace, love, and joy into your current life.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy is similar to present life regression therapy in that it uses a current problem or dilemma as a starting point, a springboard of sorts into the past. Since the subconscious or “soul mind” knows the original cause of a current conflict it will show through images, intuition, inner feelings, sounds, or hunches the beginnings of the problem. One must trust one’s self and follow with an open mind. Once revealed an abundance of understanding opens up and often healing of the current problem or dilemma occurs.

Past and Current Life Connection

Unresolved emotional, mental, and physical patterns and habits created from past life experiences will reappear in your current life, stimulated by the environment, people, and conditions of your current birth life. Resolving a problem may only require you look as far as your current life. Dr. Wendy will take your current life history and help you determine where it would be appropriate to begin the healing process. It helps to keep an open mind as to how your healing will come about.

Near Death Experiences

Heal your current life, transform your relationships, experience well-being.Dr. Wendy has had an interest in near death experiences since the early 70’s when Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Life was published. Since then Dr. Wendy has studied and been witness to many of her client’s stories of near death experiences. These stories which are documented by the thousands all over the world in all cultures over centuries of time reveal the most amazing insights into the nature of reality, of life and of death. There is a repeated theme the experiencers have of seeing and knowing of past lives. For those people reincarnation is very real. You can read Dr. Wendy’s dissertation on

Do You Want To Know:

  • Do you have some condition, challenge, or pattern in your life that you would like to heal, understand, or accept?
  • Do you have some irrational fear that you cannot trace to this life?
  • Do you want to have a deeper understanding of yourself and your core beliefs?
  • Are you curious about who you may have been or what you may have experienced in a past life?

Wendy Hill, PhD has been in private practice since the 1970’s and specializes in regression (this life and past). If you are working with a current condition, fear, or challenge Dr. Wendy will help you use it as a springboard into a past life.

For more detail please contact Dr. Wendy Hill at 760-994-9296 or email her from this website.

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