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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Sixteen

You have heard the word.  You have probably been accused of having it…or even accused yourself. The word is denial. Denial is a normal survival and coping response to conflict in childhood. However, your childhood denial brought into adult experience will hurt you. What can help you in childhood can harm you in adulthood. Denial … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Origninal Programming Three

About Robert Robert bemoaned the fact that all the important women in his life had left him. He consequently decided that women are undependable and unwilling to commit. Robert was unaware of his deepest beliefs about himself and others. He subconsciously believed that people he really cared about, especially women, would leave him because he … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming One

This begins a series of articles on Core Beliefs and your Original Programming. Follow this series and you will have a clear understanding of how and where your patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions originated. In this article you will learn how you were originally programmed as a fetus, as an infant, and as a … Read more