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Liberation eBook – A journey of Inner Child Healing

About the Book

Liberation eBook - A journey of Inner Child Healing 1Beth’s heart is breaking. Doug’s evil actions have destroyed two families. As a therapist Beth helps her clients heal their childhood traumas but who will safe Beth? Robert wants to save her but Doug has other secret plans for revenge and destruction. Alone, she must fight for her life and her happiness. Can she do this and make the challenging psychological and spiritual journey necessary to conduct her life-transforming workshop, Liberation? To be free Beth and her clients must discover the darkness that follows them and the shocking connection they share.

This novel is a real page turner. It’s a story about loss, healing, courage, love, spiritual enlightenment, and triumph over evil. Follow the mystery of hidden agendas, the search for the True Self, the drama of inner child healing, and the unexpected miracles that bring liberation to all.

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