Wendy Hill, PhD

Top Specialist in San Diego for Childhood Regression, Psychotherapy, Relationship Therapy, Online Courses, and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Call for a free phone consultation:


Call for a free phone consultation:


Top Specialist in San Diego for Childhood Regression, Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Online Courses, and Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy. Regression.

Core Beliefs. Inner Child Healing. 

Anxiety. Depression. Relationship.


Wendy Hill, PhD. 

Helping people like you for over 45 years.

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Meet Wendy Hill, PhD

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An Opportunity to Become the Best You

In addition to one-on-one therapy sessions from your home, transformational online workshops, and free support group meetings, this website also offers hundreds of inspiring blog articles, podcasts, and free videos to guide you on the road of your best life!


Dr. Wendy talks about how we can peacefully come together as one people.

Featured Online Program

The Call To Adventure

Discover an online workshop unlike anything you have ever experienced. The Call To Adventure was created so that anyone could change their life from home. This self-paced personal development program combines guided meditations, original music videos, transformational lessons, and engaging questions.

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Over 45 Years of Successful Clients and Counting

- Joanna

Her program was a pivotal point in my life. Before I met Dr. Wendy, I never considered talking to anyone about my issues. She has the knowledge, focus, and willingness to help. After going through a weekend program I left an abusive husband and was content to be by myself.

- Rosie

Dr. Wendy provides the ingredients for life altering changes. You couldn’t ask for a better guide. My husband, daughter and I needed guidance to see things clearly. We were in a place to move on in life. Mostly, she gave us skills so we could better understand ourselves. We’re on automatic pilot. Dr. Wendy helped delve inside us and understand how we tick, why we do what we do. We learned the how-to’s, the steps to take, how to grow. She got us in touch with our inner strength.

- Cliff

Dr. Wendy made a big advance in my life. Her program was a big eye opened for me. She has a unique way of bringing out things you didn’t know were there! I got a referral to Dr. Wendy’s program from a friend who participated in a weekend program. By Monday he had an actual (positive) physical change after participating (in the program). I said, “I want what happened to you! I want that!” I never saw a therapist before or after her program. It was a big investment in me. My thoughts and feelings were totally different after participating. Today, I still use the tools I learned from her program 20 years ago. She’s not the usual therapist. They broke the mold with Dr. Wendy.

The Mental Health Epidemic Is Getting Worse

of people every year have a crisis

statistics Reveal a need for Greater support

70% of adults in the U.S. report experiencing some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives


Over 63% of those suffering never receive any therapy or treatment


Almost 1/5 of all people in the world experience anxiety disorders.



Core Belief Transformation

Transform self-defeating core beliefs. Target the root of any personal problem with the help of a therapist who knows how people grow. Access the underlying cause of your challenges and transform your life and your relationships in ways that very few therapists can offer. "Dr. Hill's hypnotherapy is like magic. To the root & rapid results." Over 45 years practice, top professional, Wendy Hill, PhD, serves clients all across America and beyond. Her local clients come from Southern California, San Diego County and local cities including Carlsbad and Solana Beach while her online programs and Therapy at Home services extend to people all over the world. Transcend the critical, analytical level of your mind and transform how you think, feel, and act. Learn one of the most powerful tools for health and well-being from Wendy Hill, PhD, a therapist who clinical therapists turn to and rely on.

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