Hypnotherapy is better than therapy.

San Diego & Encinitas Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can assist you with the following:


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“Wendy, So many years have passed. I was 23 when we met and now I am 50. So long ago…to this day I still use the tools and ideas that you gave me to navigate through complicated sections of my life. Thank you for continuing to be a distinct piece of my past which reminds me that I can always love myself and trust that I have it within myself to be safe. Even today the memories of your confidence in me are a clear vision in my mind.”     Jerry Tremblay, September 29, 2017

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Core Belief Transformation

Transform self-defeating core beliefs. Target the root of any personal problem with the help of Advanced Hypnotherapy. With the guidance of a seasoned clinical hypnotherapist using professional hypnotherapy, you can access the underlying cause of a challenge and transform your life and your relationships. “Dr. Hill’s hypnotherapy is like magic. To the root & rapid results.” Over 30 years practice, top professional, Wendy Hill, Ph.D., in Encinitas, California and serves clients all across America and beyond. Her local clients come from Southern California, San Diego County and local cities including Carlsbad and Solana Beach. Transcend the critical, analytical level of your mind and transform how you think, feel, and act. Learn one of the most powerful tools for health and well-being from Wendy Hill, Ph.D., CCHT, the leading practitioner in San Diego clinical hypnosis.