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Online Inner Child Healing Spiritual Workshop with Meditations and Music: Call To Adventure

Created by

Dr. Wendy Hill

Get unlimited access to her innovative program

This self-paced, online workshop is about your personal and spiritual growth! Rescue and heal your inner child! You are worthy of this!

Let Dr. Wendy lead you to peace of mind.

Transformational Videos, Processes, Compelling Questions, Meditations, and Original Music

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Are you looking for an inner child healing workshop?

This is an online workshop unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Rescue your inner child!

Answer Dr. Wendy's questions. Listen to her wonderful voice in guided meditations. Listen to her inspiring songs that will move you forward in your personal growth. You will discover and heal the child within yourself that has been waiting for years for you to rescue.

Dr. Wendy guarantees you will grow and learn to thrive with this inner child healing workshop. Couple it with your live therapy. Do this workshop along with the True Seeker's Guide Workshop. Change your life in the most positive, loving, and spiritual way.

You deserve to feel loved.

You deserve to feel worthy.

You deserve to feel safe.

All of us need to feel loved, worthy, and safe. Unfortunately most of us don't have these feeling and are struggling to find a way to feel them. It is your right as a living being to feel loved, worthy, and safe.

Let Dr. Wendy show you the way. This workshop is the essence of kindness, compassion, and gentle urging toward facing and slaying those old dragons within you.

What is the Call to Adventure? The call is your excitement, bravery, and willingness to participate in writing the story of your life. Dr. Wendy Hill, PhD draws upon 45 years of clinical practice with advanced psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in the Call to Adventure self-paced personal development program. This interactive course will challenge you and inspire you to claim what is rightfully yours - your best life!

The compelling questions open the door to  understanding!

Dr. Wendy. will offer you a series of questions in each of the fourteen sections of this inner child healing program. Each set of questions will lead you to the next. Begin with "What do I want to heal?" and move to "What does my inner child need?" You will automatically be awakened to the healing process.

The music is original and awesome!

Dr. Wendy isn't just a talented therapist. She is also a vocalist who has written and recorded this catalogue of songs of lovely vocals just for you! Listen to The Road Of My Life, Call To Adventure, My Precious Child, Great And Loving And Wise, and more...Just a few of the fourteen songs you will hear. Let the music lead you to insight, inspiration, and ultimate peace of mind.

The meditations are inspiring and calming!

Dr. Wendy's calm voice will lead you down a path through your challenges into the light of self-understanding. Her story is metaphorical and known to us all as the path of life's challenges that open the door to God realization.

This is a spiritual journey!

It doesn't matter if you think of yourself as spiritual or not. And this has nothing to do with religion. This love, wisdom, and compassion is the basis of all religion. It is your natural spirituality. You will experience your higher self. Dr. Wendy calls it your Great Loving Wise Self.  This is the part of you that is all loving and wise. You will experience the unconditional love that already dwells within you. It is the wordless experience you will always treasure and return to throughout your life.

Dr. Wendy specializes in inner child healing and transforming self-defeating core beliefs into beliefs that create happy, healthy, adult experience.