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Inner Child Healing Therapy

Inner child healing therapy gives you peace of mind and spiritual connection.

Don’t treat the symptom. Treat the real cause. Let Dr. Wendy help you go to the root of the problem.

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Here is how Inner child healing therapy can help you:

How you respond to your life challenges can be traced back to your experience in childhood, as an infant, and in the womb. Your inner child is very sensitive. Even the smallest thing can wound and follow you throughout your life. 

Adult conflict can be traced back to childhood and healed with hypnotherapy regression. You can heal your childhood trauma. Did you know that no matter how old you are you still have a child inside of you? It’s amazing to think that experiences you had as a child, even as an infant or fetus can still influence you in the present. But it is true.

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That fun and spontaneous part of you that finds joy in little wonderful things is your inner child. Your inner child is also the part of you that may still be caught in certain self-defeating patterns. He or she can be a vast influence on how you think, feel, and act.

Most of us don’t have full memory of our childhood. In fact, many have very limited memory of their childhood. So how can something we don’t remember still have influence on us? Strange as it seems our subconscious mind does have memory of our experience. And those memories live within our subconscious mind in the here and now. So something that happened in the womb, at birth, or as an infant or child is an ever-present often forgotten memory inside of your mind.

Every experience you had as an infant, fetus, or child helped create your core, deep down beliefs about yourself and your world.

Positive experiences create positive and helpful core beliefs and negative and upsetting experiences create upsetting core beliefs. Positive and good feeling experiences influence you in the present as do the uncomfortable or traumatic experiences. Left unresolved those unhealed conflicting experiences will influence you throughout your life.

You can heal those self-defeating upsetting influences from childhood, infancy, and even in the womb…now. While in a focused state of relaxation and with the help of a skilled therapist you can bring those forgotten, dismissed, or denied memories to your conscious mind. And in doing so you will have the opportunity to upgrade, transform, comfort, love, and heal the child within you. To learn more about this process click on the link on Hypnotherapy, Regression, Core Beliefs.

If you would like to know more about how you can help yourself I invite you to contact me for a live Zoom session or an in-person session in my office in Encinitas, California. You can also download one of my self-guided workshops like The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life or The Call To Adventure or you can listen to my wisdom-filled audios in Life Lessons. Meanwhile, I am here.

Your Childhood Programs You

Are you facing some conflict or challenge that feels out of your control? Do you feel overwhelmed? Emotionally stressed out? Experiencing self-defeating behaviors? Caught in an addiction? Too much inner conflict? Relationships suffering? Your health? Your work? Did you know that your core beliefs about yourself, others, and life are formed very early in life and may be the cause of your conflict?

Your childhood high impact moments and the decisions you made during them have a powerful influence in your current life. Your childhood experiences have programmed you.

Your core beliefs about yourself, others, and what you are to expect out of life are deeply held within your subconscious mind. Those decisions become unconscious and have created patterns of behavior and feelings. In this way the unresolved conflicts of your childhood can follow you throughout your life and can be triggered by current challenges.

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Inner Child Healing Therapy Specialist

With psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and spiritual connection you can heal your childhood. Wendy Hill, Ph.D., serving clients remotely on Zoom and in person in her Encinitas, California office, specializes in transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs taken on in childhood. Dr. Wendy has been in practice for over 40 years trained and skilled in hypnotherapy and inner child healing.

Everyone Has a Wounded Inner Child

Life is difficult. Childhood is especially difficult. As children we are very sensitive, vulnerable, and helpless. All of us have been wounded in childhood. Some more than others. There is not a child born who has not experienced some form of stress. To some degree we have all felt hurt, anger, fear, shame and loneliness. That is the human condition. We all experience this in life.

Verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, divorce, death of a loved one, instability in the home, moving from one town or school to another, witnessing abuse or arguments, and parental addiction are common childhood conditions that adversely affect us in the present. However, you can now take charge of your life through inner child healing with hypnotherapy and transform your inner perceptions and gain peace and direction.

You Can Go Back and Heal the Past

Some people believe you can’t go back and change your childhood. With regression hypnosis coupled with psychotherapy you can go back. Through the process of regression Dr. Wendy can help you return to your childhood high impact moments and change your interpretation of them. By changing your perception of your past you automatically change your experience in the present.

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Find the Happy Child Within You

Deep within you dwells a perfect child. A perfectly happy child. Dr. Wendy will show you how you may have childhood experiences that caused you sadness, anger, fear, or shame. Though you may have been wounded by some of the conditions of your childhood, you have a perfect child inside of you that has never been touched by those conditions.

Your perfect child has survived the emotional, mental, and physical storms and remains inside of you eager to be recognized and expressed. Inner child healing with hypnotherapy helps you recognize and bring out this perfect child part of you. Doing this can add immeasurable pleasure and creativity to your life. Your perfect inner child was always meant to be a part of you no matter what pathways you may have chosen as an adult.

With inner child healing therapy you can heal the wounds inflicted in your childhood. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. can help you go back and change the negative core beliefs created during past upsetting high impact moments. By changing your perception of yourself and your past you change how you think, feel, and act in the present.

You can bring out your perfect child and experience his or her joyous spontaneity, fun, creativity, spirituality, humor, unconditional love, sweetness and innocence. You can relax and experience a successful life.

Heal Your Inner Child Now and Find Your True Spiritual Self

Doing the work of inner child healing is often best done as an adult. Every problem you have ever had is a beckoning of your inner self asking you to find that pathway back to peace of mind. For this reason alone your pain is a blessing for it can motivate you to discover your wounded child and free him or her. Once you find and heal your inner child you can become whole. Dr. Wendy will help guide you through your past.

True Inner Child Healing Client Story

William was aware of a number of self defeating patterns of behavior. He repeatedly undermined his finances, his success in business and often spoiled his relationships with his negative attitudes.

During our first session while giving his history to me William realized the impact his family life had on his core beliefs about himself, success, and love. Through the process of regression he was able to identify his childhood stressful high impact moments.

He was stunned by how vulnerable and sensitive his inner child was and the lasting self-defeating decisions he had made during these vulnerable moments. This realization opened the door for his transformation.

He was able to connect with young William and communicate to that part of himself new, more positive decisions. These sessions profoundly changed William’s attitudes and behaviors. He was a changed man. He thought, felt, and acted in new more helpful ways.   Wendy Hill, Ph.D.