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Past Life Regression Workshop

​Past life regression workshop with Dr. Wendy will guide you to a past life. Heal negative influences and the self-defeating decisions you made that have affected your current life, relationships, and well-being. Transformative experience of love and compassion!

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In this past life regression workshop you will learn how your current life circumstances were created from your past life core beliefs. You will discover ways to change self-defeating core beliefs and therefore transform your current life. You will see how your inner child can be a key to self-transformation.

Are you wanting to do a past life regression workshop for the right reason? Did you know that you can transform your current life by healing past life trauma? It’s true. By going back to a previous life you can identify the decisions. you made about yourself, life, others, relationships, God, etc. At your death in that past life you actually bring with you the level of self-realization and spiritual awareness. You then reincarnate into a life with parents and circumstances that reflect those core beliefs that formed your level of self-awareness.

This transmigration of core beliefs is a form of karma. Your soul self continues to present you with the challenges necessary for your personal spiritual growth. This is why sometimes we experience pain and suffering. It is to awaken us to the True Self, our highest understanding that we are the embodiment of unconditional love.

When you do a past life regression workshop with Dr. Wendy you have the opportunity to experience an advanced level of regression. Dr. Wendy will teach you how to communicate with who you were in a past life in ways that can heal and transform self-defeating core beliefs and attitudes. This communication is so powerful that you will be able to feel its transformative influence in your body in the present. She will. teach you how to love and forgive.  She will show you how to correct negative attitudes that you have carried forward. You will be able to feel the difference in your current life.

There is a direct correlation between your past lives and your current life. It is important to understand that even though you are doing the work of a past life regression you must also do the work of current life healing. Since your core beliefs are brought forward from past life experience you will see evidence of those beliefs in your current life. The healing of those self-defeating negative core beliefs must also be addressed in your current life. Inner child healing regression therapy must be a part of your entire personal and spiritual growths agenda.

Inner child healing is much the same as past life regression healing. You can regress back to high impact moments that formed self-defeating core beliefs and transform them through the five step process of healing. This five step process is the same as the steps taken in past life regression.

Here are the five healing steps in this past life regression workshop.

One: Remember the high impact moments that deeply affected you.

Two: Understand the decisions you made that became core beliefs and became patterns of behavior.

Three: Acknowledge and express the emotions you experienced so you can release the hold they have on your mind, body, and soul.

Four: Communicate with the child you were or past life person you were the helpful truth with unconditional love and compassion.

Five: Accept in your mind, body, and spirit the wonderful Truths that set you free to be your True Self.

past life regression workshop reaches back in time

•  See the connection between your past lives and your current life.

•  Discover how your core beliefs have traveled through time and space.

•  Learn how you can transform self-defeating core beliefs and heal old wounds.

•  Increase wisdom and boost your confidence.

•  Overcome fear of death.