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Myth About Childhood Influence On Adult Life

“What does my childhood have to do with…my divorce…my addiction…my temper…my career choice…my relationships…my health…? My childhood has nothing to do with what’s happening in my life now.” This attitude is one of the most common myths about childhood. This myth is as delusive as the attitude, “Because children forget the bad things that happen to them they won’t be influenced by them.” The fact is that your childhood has everything to do with how you think, feel, and act in the present. The choices you make, the quality of your relationships, your health, your level of well-being…everything you experience has been programmed in your childhood. Every experience you had as a child, whether consciously remembered or not, is remembered in and reacted to in your subconscious mind. In childhood your experiences and how you interpreted their meaning formed your core beliefs about who you are and what to expect from life and people. Core beliefs, your deepest convictions and perceived truths about things, are like wearing glasses through which you see yourself and the world around you. What you “see” is what your expect to happen and therefore what you ultimately create. The choices you make, how you respond to various life challenges, who you choose to be with, your preferences in everything are subconsciously influenced by your core beliefs. Don’t like your experience in the present? Find out your core beliefs and change them. There are therapies designed to help you do this. Hypnotherapy, regression, psychotherapy oriented to inner child healing all offer you the opportunity to transform your core beliefs into ones that support a healthy adult experience.

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