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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Eleven

Your core beliefs were formed very early, some say before the age of four, some say in the womb. When you were young you were defenseless, vulnerable, and extremely suggestible. Whatever happened around you and to you had a profound affect. Your sensitive mind interpreted events and conditions very personally and during those high impact … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Eight

Do you ever feel at war within yourself? You can feel two-sided about many things, even have serious conflict within, one side pulled toward negative feelings and behaviors and one side pulled toward healthy thoughts and acts. Read this series on Core Beliefs and learn how to understand and resolve such inner conflict. Conflicting Beliefs … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Origninal Programming Three

About Robert Robert bemoaned the fact that all the important women in his life had left him. He consequently decided that women are undependable and unwilling to commit. Robert was unaware of his deepest beliefs about himself and others. He subconsciously believed that people he really cared about, especially women, would leave him because he … Read more