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Life Lessons Audios

Listen to these life enhancing and inner child healing audios and discover the secrets to creating a happy and fulfilling Life.

Let Dr. Wendy lead you to a happier life now!

These wisdom-filled audio programs cover the basics of what it takes to have a happy balanced life, loving relationships, and peace of mind. This program will change your life forever!

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Read what each audio lesson is about.

Life transforming spiritual, relationship, and inner child healing audios.

Lesson 1: Understanding Yourself

Learn why and how your core beliefs can determine how you think, feel, and act and what you need to do to change the self-defeating ones into truly helpful ones. You will learn about the natural struggle you experience in your subconscious mind and how you can understand it and choose peace of mind.

Lesson 2: Your Inner Child

Learn about the powerful influence your childhood has in your daily life in creating
patterns of how you think, feel, and act. You will learn how you can connect with and communicate with him/her to influence and transform. You will learn how your inner child is your potential source of happiness and joy.

Life Lessons Personal and Spiritual for Growth Inner Child Healing Audios 1

Lesson 3: Finding Courage and Warrior Spirit

Learn how to turn fear into courage and how to face your life challenges with the valor of a spiritual warrior. You will learn the happiness-determining choices you are automatically confronted with when afraid and how to choose the right course of action during those times of fear. You will learn how to choose courage in spite of your fear.

Lesson 4: Understanding Your Defenses

Learn how your defenses were developed in childhood and how they prevent you from being happy as an adult. You will learn how to identify when you are defending so you can choose another way of reacting. You will learn how self-observation can be a powerful tool in transforming your defenses into positive attitudes and actions.

Lesson 5: Why We Suffer

Learn why all life has suffering and the powerful opportunity your suffering offers you. You will learn how to take advantage of that opportunity. You will learn what loneliness offers and how it can be your opening door to your spirituality. You will learn about one of the most powerful tools that enables you to choose a happy and productive life when facing life’s difficulties: The Non-Negotiable.

Lesson 6: Understanding Your Spirituality

Learn how your true and instantaneous source of spiritual inspiration is a natural inborn part of yourself. You will be lead to find that source within yourself. You will learn about the dark side of your childhood perception of a higher power. You will learn about that which is great and loving and wise within you and how to connect with it.

Life Lessons Personal and Spiritual for Growth Inner Child Healing Audios 2

Lesson 7: The Importance of Effort in Life and Therapy

Learn the value of effort to success and well-being and the devastating consequences of lethargy. You will be shown how to overcome the fear and avoidance of the discomfort that comes with effort. You will have a new vision of what it means to take full responsibility for your life and happiness.

Lesson 8: Understanding Your Intuition

The ability to connect with and trust your intuition is crucial to taking control of your life and happiness. If you are serious about your personal growth and are enrolled in therapy, connecting with your intuition is imperative. You will learn the subtle language of your subconscious, how to “listen” to it, and how to communicate with it.

Lesson 9: Understanding and Mastering Your Emotions

Learn how your emotions are designed to help you stay heathy and are key to healing the ups and downs of life. You will learn how your emotions offer you the opportunity to experience the joy of being alive. If you are in therapy you will learn how feeling and expressing your emotions is essential to healing past trauma and vital in allowing you to move forward.

Lesson 10: Mastering Your Emotions Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation you will shown how easy it can be to choose your emotions. You will see how some of your negative emotions are habits that you can change at will. You will be offered the opportunity to experiment with various positive and helpful emotions. You will be inspired to memorize how they feel so you can feel them whenever you want.

Lesson 11: Mastering Your Thoughts Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation you will learn how your thoughts and emotions are connected. You will become more aware of your thoughts and the power they have in creating your experience. You will be offered the opportunity to experiment with your thoughts and observe how your thoughts impact your well-being. You will learn how to choose your thoughts.

Lesson 12: Three Keys to Personal Power

These three aspects to a successful life are often not taught in childhood and must be learned by you as an adult. Once learned you will automatically thrive. You will be supported in how to think more clearly, find greater balance, and hone self-discipline.

Lesson 13: Three Keys to Well-being

Learn about how non-attachment and acceptance can offer you peace of mind and why the most successful and happy people practice humility. Your old happiness-limiting attitudes will be challenged in a positive and productive way.

Lesson 14: Building Loving Relationships

Learn how changing yourself can actually change others. You will learn what you need to change in yourself. You will learn about the highest form of relationship: friendship. You will learn how other people’s behavior has nothing to do with you and how to not take things personally. And you will be guided in a special bonding ritual especially for couples.

Lesson 15: How To Communicate With Love

Learn about one of the most powerful tools in creating your own happiness and creating loving relationships while fulfilling your needs. You will learn how to actually confront difficult relationship issues for a positive outcome. You will learn the how-to’s of win-win communication. You will be inspired to create a loving vision you can follow in all your relationships.

Life Lessons Personal and Spiritual for Growth Inner Child Healing Audios 3

Lesson 16: What Love Asks of You

Learn how your ability to give and receive love determines your very well-being. You will become clear on the sacrifice love asks of you and why that sacrifice is required. You will be encouraged to find a way to make that sacrifice so you can know real happiness. You will learn how important love is in all that you do.

Lesson 17: The Power of Change

You will be encouraged to make a lifetime commitment to your own personal growth. You will learn how you can use change, even upsetting change, as a springboard into peace of mind. You will learn about how the natural changes of birth and death are a part of your personal growth opportunities. You will learn about the dark side of positive change and how you can use your warrior spirit to transcend it.

Life Lessons Personal and Spiritual for Growth Inner Child Healing Audios 4

Lesson 18: Guided Meditation Induction

You will be guided into a deep, peaceful, and rejuvenating relaxation where you can leave all your stresses behind and enjoy perfect harmony as your mind and body rest.

Lesson 19: How To Transform Your Core Beliefs

You will be guided in changing your old self-defeating core beliefs that have created patterns of negative thought, emotion and behavior into core beliefs that support healthy adult experience. This is a step-by-step guided workshop you can take at your own pace. Please note that this guide will direct your thoughts toward possible childhood conflicting events and conditions for the purpose of healing.