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Over 45 Years of Successful Clients and Counting

From Cliff -

Dr. Wendy made a big advance in my life. Her program was a big eye opened for me. She has a unique way of bringing out things you didn’t know were there! I got a referral to Dr. Wendy’s program from a friend who participated in a weekend program. By Monday he had an actual (positive) physical change after participating (in the program). I said, “I want what happened to you! I want that!” I never saw a therapist before or after her program. It was a big investment in me. My thoughts and feelings were totally different after participating. Today, I still use the tools I learned from her program 20 years ago. She’s not the usual therapist. They broke the mold with Dr. Wendy.

From Gary -

Dr. Wendy’s program is fantastic. It opened my eyes to a lot of reasons why and how we do things. Dr. Wendy is extremely intuitive and able to see through the bull. She is the only counselor I felt I got my money’s worth. I gained something immediately from her guidance. She helped me and my wife out a lot. She got me through the hard times. Now I’m on maintenance. I’m doing great I started my own business.

From Rena -

Dr. Wendy has completely changed my life. My reactions to things are completely new now. She helped me identify concrete tools to deal with the turbulence from my past and to overcome the obstacles to obtain true happiness now. I’m not as angry. Before I felt I had to protect myself. My pragmatic differences are amazing since I went through Dr. Wendy’s program. Now strangers as well as people I know are attracted to me. I don’t have to work nearly as hard as before to attract customers to my new business. I now have a type of charisma I did not have before. People gravitate to me now. Dr. Wendy’s program gave me a glimpse into how good things in my life can be. Dr. Wendy is awesome.

From Diane -

With Dr. Wendy I made permanent life changes that effected my entire life and will continue to do so permanently. A person is like an onion with many layers. Dr. Wendy helps you unpeel all those layers to get to the core, process through it, and be rid of the (negative) core issues once and for all.

From Joanna -

Her program was a pivotal point in my life. Before I met Dr. Wendy, I never considered talking to anyone about my issues. She has the knowledge, focus, and willingness to help. After going through a weekend program I left an abusive husband and was content to be by myself.

From Rosie -

Dr. Wendy provides the ingredients for life altering changes. You couldn’t ask for a better guide. My husband, daughter and I needed guidance to see things clearly. We were in a place to move on in life. Mostly, she gave us skills so we could better understand ourselves. We’re on automatic pilot. Dr. Wendy helped delve inside us and understand how we tick, why we do what we do. We learned the how-to’s, the steps to take, how to grow. She got us in touch with our inner strength.

From Shawn -

Dr. Wendy unlocked the real me. I feel like a million pounds has been lifted from me. It’s been a huge paradigm shift in my life. I’m a musician, a trombonist, and travel and perform around the country. I dealt with performance anxiety. After working with Dr. Wendy I can now let things happen and know it will be OK. Something now has changed in me. It’s an amazing relief. Dr. Wendy is a very kind, empathetic, and insightful professional. She’s a powerful and healing person and I cannot thank her enough.

From Jan -

I have suffered all my life from low self-esteem. I never felt good enough. I never felt like I was enough. I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety-attacks. I felt I was a misfit in the world. Then I met Dr. Wendy Hill about six months ago and she gave me the tools to heal myself. What has happened is I took these tools and I learned to free myself from these suffocating emotions. The tools helped me to go within at anytime when I had these feelings and nurture myself and heal it. I think the main thing is that I can so this on my own. I so not need to pay a therapist thousands and thousands of dollars to tell me what’s wrong with me. That’s something I had always wanted because I had gone to therapists for years and years and I could never get answers. The main thing that I realized is that I just want to be loved and to give love.

I was raised in an alcoholic home. I did not learn how to love or how to give love. I could not give either way. So, at this point through my work with Dr. Wendy, I am learning how to love and how to give. This is a first time for me in my life and it’s exciting. My life is becoming an exciting journey into myself and others. I guess the main thing that is happening to me through my work is that I am moving to L.A. in a few weeks. This is big for me because I am doing this without a relationship and I’m doing it on my own and I’m going into my field which is music. I am trusting, loving, and going with total confidence. I know I’m going to do great. My work with Dr. Wendy has helped me to find the power and I have no doubts about myself now. I’m truly grateful for Dr. Wendy and her work. Thank you.

From Scott -

I first met Dr. Wendy Hill about a year and four months ago. And, at that time my life was rolling along pretty well. I had a good job, lived in a nice place, had friends that I’d go out with. But when I heard her in a radio talk show something in me responded to something that she said. And I began to think that she could open up some doors for me that I could walk through and go even farther. I had no idea at the time how great the positive changes would be in my life after seeing Dr. Wendy. I guess the biggest change for me is the way I look at people. People used to be about the least important part of my life. Now, they are the most important part. And that has helped take a job that I have had for years and turn it into a whole new career for me. That has helped take friendships that I’ve had for years and make them more satisfying and fulfilling. It has caused me to look on myself with new respect. It’s like every area of my life was a box and it had certain limits to it before I went to see Dr. Wendy. And after working with her I was able to push out the walls of those boxes in every part of my life. So, I would say that Dr. Wendy is for anybody who wants to push against the walls of those boxes and move them out. Life for me now is a big adventure. I wake up every morning and I look forward to what is going to happen to me for that day. I think it can be that way for anybody and I think Dr. Wendy can help them get there.

From Ann -

Hi, a year and a half ago I met Dr. Wendy Hill and started working with her. Three months later I went through her workshop. When I met Dr. Wendy I had just been diagnosed as having cancer. Needless to say I was very scared about it and was not sure what to do about it. Somehow I knew that I had created the disease and I had therefore the power to cure myself. But, I didn’t know where to start. That’s where Dr. Wendy helped me. Through the workshop (The Renaissance Experience) I learned that all through my life I had the belief that I did not belong here, that I was a mistake, and therefore I had to correct that mistake by dying. By the end of the workshop through the processes with the help of Dr. Wendy and the people in my group who gave me a lot of love and support, I realized that my belief was wrong. I belong in this world, and I will even say that I am an essential part of this universe. And, by the end of the workshop I knew in my heart that my cancer was gone. It had no reason anymore to be here. The doctor caught up with me about three months later and told me that I was completely cured. Now a year later I am physically perfect as my doctor tells me.

It’s good to know that there is a place where people will love you just for you, not for how much money you make, or how beautiful you are, or how intelligent you are. They love you just because you are a human being. I am also now in the process of changing my career. I am going from a very left-brained job to being an artist. And it is something that I have learned while working with Dr. Wendy during the workshop…that it is okay for me to show my emotion. It is okay for me to be a right-brain person…that I do not have to be an intellectual. And I know that I will make it as an artist. I have the confidence that people are going to love what I do. And the main reason is that I put all the love into what I do. All the love I found in me, I put in my work and that is going to touch people. I am going to bring love to people. And at the same time I am going to become successful.

From Mark -

I heard about Dr. Wendy through a friend and basically I wanted to go through her workshop to enhance myself and to become a better person. My results have been both at home and at work. To give you a few examples, at work it’s the end of the year, Christmas time where a lot of people in my business right now are sitting around wondering what they are going to do and I’ve never been busier. My days are packed from morning ‘til night with appointments. People seem to want to be around me and do transactions with me. It’s just great. Things have never been better as far as work is concerned. I’m able to handle the ups and downs of the business. I have a totally different attitude about it where there’s different people when any time money is concerned how people, I mean , it’s a cut-throat business and I’m able to deal with it. If someone is on that level then that’s fine with them but I can handle it a lot better than I used to be able to. And the competition…I thrive more on the competition now than I ever did. As far as other things I’ve learned and taking them to the office with me I’m just a better people-oriented person. I think people can look in my eyes and they see a warm person and I’ve had people complement me. I had one of the other receptionists at the other office come up to me and put her arms around me and she said, “You know you have so much love and you are such a neat person.” It made my eyes water it was so neat. As far as personal life, I think one of the bigger things has been being in touch with my feelings, the way I’m feeling, so sensitive to what’s going on around me. I’m more able to control my feelings than ever before in regards to relationships and people in general.

From John -

Hello, I’m John Percel. Some months ago I took Dr. Wendy’s workshop and right now I’d like to share with you some of the positive results that came directly from this workshop. First, I was in the lower third of my company, Now I’m one of the top two people in productivity. Second, my communications are now win-win. The people I work with get what they want and I get what I want. I now negotiate where everybody comes out ahead. And, third, I thoroughly enjoy life. I’ve overcome bad habits that have previously blocked my success. I am now more intuitive and generally caring with people and they are responding in a positive fashion. I really like people and they like me. Dr. Wendy Hill’s workshop has changed my life. I can’t see anyone not benefiting from it.

From Cheryl -

I met Dr. Wendy Hill about two years ago and my life literally has not been the same since. I learned more about myself in the short time after going through Dr. Wendy’s program than I had in a lifetime. She made me look at my past for what is was. And I saw the causes of all my fears, frustrations, anger, and my great distrust of other human beings. Once I saw those causes I was able to heal the wounds and proceed to live in the here and now, no longer ruled by the pain of the past or frozen by fear of the future. For me the bottom line has been that I am much more in control of my life. Previously, I had been controlled by my emotions and moods. Now, thanks to Dr. Wendy’s process I have the tools to face negative emotions, get to their root, deal with them, and then let them go forever. It’s not easy. Life-long habits are hard to break. It takes work and determination but the results are worth the battle. Inwardly, the results for me have been an increase in self-esteem. I have the ability to acknowledge my talent, my sensitivity, my intelligence, and all the things that are good about me. I can forgive myself for not being perfect. I couldn’t do that before. Now, I don’t beat myself up. When I make a mistake, I forgive and move forward. This has given me so much peace of mind and harmony. I hadn’t felt this way for years. Outwardly, I’ve had the confidence to leave a dead-end job and start my own business. I have no doubt that this business will be successful. This process really works. My life is a testimonial to that.

From Rich -

I would like to thank you for allowing me to participate in your latest Renaissance Experience. When you said it would be a profound event you weren’t exaggerating. Thanks to your guidance I was able to accomplish things I thought were not possible, and after so many years of being in the dark I finally have a new outlook on life. You are truly a special person and I consider myself very, very fortunate to have met you.

From Mary Jane -

I need to thank you for all you do for me and everyone else. I truly believe you are an angel on earth and have been sent to set us desperate souls free. I am so happy these days I can hardly stand it. Know that I love you very, very much, and thank God for lending you to all of us. I just wanted you to know how inspired and good I feel, and also how emotional I am right now. Thanks for all you do for us. I miss you!!

From Mike -

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that not a day goes by that I don’t think in some way about the things I’ve learned from you. I just got finished reading “Ten life and Love Enhancing Behaviors and Attitudes.” It was a nice “refresher.” It’s nice to be able to go online anywhere and anytime to get some comforting words from you.

From Bobbie -

I went today and checked it out. In August it will have been 13 years since I went through the Renaissance Experience. Shortly after the workshop I made a commitment to submit art to the Del Mar Fair Art Show every year. Well, I missed a year or two here and there. But this year I got a painting in the show! Anyway, just wanted to let you – and anyone else that wants to know – that the Renaissance Experience Workshop has made a continuing difference in my life.

From Barbara -

Wendy, “This work is my heart.” When I read that statement from your book it gives me warm fuzzies, I feel your sincerity, the caring, the authenticity in you. As I have been on this journey seeking my truths I am finding those hidden truths which has been a barrier in my life. I feel myself changing especially in my work and in my mission. I see things with a different perspective and I can understand why I have been stuck in neutral with my business. Even though we have had only three sessions I have felt your presence and I labored through the chapters as if you where there helping me. I am so excited about our work together and am so glad that my intuition charged me to call you that day. I have copied the poem “Although” and have passed it out to the consumers in my groups. As in chapter 22 (True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life) you have shared your heart with me despite these miles between us. You are Great Wendy Hill!

From Linda -

Oh, how I am grateful to God for putting you here to show me the way. I am eternally grateful that you had the courage to go on in spite of your troubles and are now able to give of yourself to so many people. Dr. Wendy, I am still scared but I persevere with determination because I now know that courage isn’t the lack of fear but the willingness to persevere in spite of it. “God help me to shoulder this burden of freedom. Give me the courage to do what I can. And when I am wounded by those who love me, help me forgive them. They don’t understand.” Dr. Wendy, I am amazed at how powerful words can be.

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