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CentrePoint, Inc.

CentrePoint, Inc. is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3), EIN 27-2183870, offering psychotherapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, interactive theatre, spiritual counseling, and other spiritual and personal growth services.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. and Ordained Minister

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is also an ordained minister and employee of CentrePoint, Inc. Wendy has been in practice for over 30 years and is dedicated to helping others reach their full potential both psychologically and spiritually.

Each of Us Is Seeking A Spiritual Experience

Whether we are aware of it or not all of us are seeking a connection with a higher power. We don’t just want a belief in the existence of a higher power, we want the experience of a higher power. We can have this experience by connecting with our True Self. We all have the ability to connect with and experience this amazing aspect of ourselves. You can make this connection through prayer, through meditation, through great desire for the experience, and through virtuous living. Spirit lives within each of us and through desire and perseverance  it can be known.

The problems and difficulties in life are opportunities to further awaken you to your own spiritual nature. By directly facing your life’s challenges you can grow psychologically and spiritually. Your unconscious mind carries certain self-defeating beliefs and attitudes that, when brought to consciousness can be understood, expressed, and transformed. Once you do this you can have the peace and joy you seek.

Therapy Dog

Willie is CentrePoint, Inc.’s therapy dog. Dr. Wendy always asks new clients if they are comfortable with having a dog greet them. Most people love dogs and Willie helps make them feel more relaxed.