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Clarity and Trusting Yourself

Clarity gives you power. Clarity allows you to transcend confusion, ambiguity, and ambivalence. Clarity is the awareness of priorities; a recognition of what is important. By its nature clarity helps give you the impetus to act. A clear understanding of what is right and needed opens the door to positive action. Clear thinking is a sign of a willingness to take responsibility. Clarity requires courage; a willingness to be the only one with the right answer for you even when it seems the “right” answers are already apparent to others. Clarity sometimes calls for outrageous thinking. The minute you decide to be clear is the minute you claim your personal power.


Clarity comes from looking within yourself, telling yourself the truth, and trusting your answer. You were born with a natural tendency to look within yourself. From the beginning your only true reality has been from within. However, your human needs for protection and nurturing forced you to look without toward your parents. This was the beginning of your conditioning to look without for answers. The ensuing events in your life guaranteed that you would eventually learn to forget the treasure within yourself and look to outside sources for your answers. This Western culture with all its religions and social mores helped reinforce a sense of needing to look without. Few of us are fortunate enough to have had someone in childhood reminding us to look within ourselves for the answers. Is it any mystery that there is so much confusion and fear about taking responsibility in our society? Much of poverty–material, financial, mental, and spiritual–is linked to a lack of clarity. If you do not know what you want, how can you go about helping yourself? The only possible solution to lack of clarity is to drift through life until outer conditions motivate or determine your decisions. Allowing someone else or some outer condition to make decisions for you and thus determine your well being guarantees a life of bitter and helpless victimization.


Clarity requires that you be willing to go it alone. It requires that you develop a deep trust of what you perceive from within. You must claim your rightful position as master of your own life. You must trust that The Great Loving Wise One will always give you the answers no matter what, if you but ask for them.


In every one of your living moments, from the moment you awaken in the morning to the moment you drift off to sleep at night, there are countless choices presented to you. You are challenged with what to do with your time, how to respond to a given situation, or person. You are challenged with figuring out what move to make next in your career, with your family, with your own personal well being. You are challenged with what to buy, what to wear, whether or not to own, change, improve, add to, enhance, or leave. You are literally bombarded with choices in your daily life. Advertising for lifestyle and product alternatives add to the baffling array of choices at hand. Too many choices add to the stress and confusion you already experience. You are continuously confronted with unnecessary choices. The temptation to allow others to decide for you may seem overwhelming.

Be willing to go within yourself and prioritize. Simplify your life. Become clear about that is really important. Ask yourself, “What is important here? To what should I pay attention? Is what others are telling me to view as important really important?”


What is important to you? Love? Money? Owning? Achieving? Being accepted? Knowing the truth? Getting recognition? Finding God? Tell yourself the truth.


If you are willing to let yourself know what is really important to you, all your decisions and actions will follow with relative ease. If you are split in what is important to you, you will be split in your messages to yourself and to others. This is dangerous because the split will cause counter productive behaviors. You will not be of one mind. You will be constantly correcting the decisions your “other self” has made and then beginning again.


Tell yourself the truth! Start with the big question. “What feelings and experiences do I want in my life?” Have the courage to know! You may be afraid to know the answer. If you allow your fear to stop you, you rob yourself of clarity, and hence your personal power. Once you answer for yourself the big question and let yourself know your life’s desires, you can begin to practice clarity in smaller things. “What do I want to eat? What should I do about this relationship? How should I communicate my needs? How can I give to others?” Decisions that before may have seemed difficult or bothersome to you become easier when you have answered the big question. Your life becomes simplified. Things you thought you should do and conditions you thought you should put up with no longer need your time and energy to negotiate. You have set yourself free by your willingness to tell yourself the truth about what you want. Commit yourself to what you know to be true for you. Think of it daily and do not allow anything to deter you. In times of stress, remind yourself of your commitment. Make this commitment the most important thing in your life.


When things are unclear go within yourself. Ask, “What do I want?” Ask this question over and over until you find the answer. Ask, “What should I do?” If you have answered wisely and you remain true to your answer, all your life decisions after that will automatically enhance others. If your answer was based on love and wisdom, in the end you cannot truly hurt others. Your inner clarity allows you to do difficult things because you see your vision clearly. You will be able to tolerate the misunderstanding and criticism of others because you know the wisdom of your actions. You have given yourself clarity.


Clarity gives you confidence. Clarity gives you direction. Clarity gives you staying power. Clarity gives you courage. Clarity comes from The Great Loving Wise One within you alone. Clarity with wisdom does not come from your ego. Clarity from your ego always ends up in pain. Clarity from The Great Loving Wise One always ends in what is good for all.

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