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The Importance of Clear Thinking


By Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

Dr. Wendy Hill is in private practice in Encinitas, California and specializes in transforming the subconscious self defeating core beliefs that originate in childhood into core beliefs that support healthy adult experience. Dr. Wendy has written hundreds of articles on happiness and healthy living.

Happiness begins with clear thinking. Most people do not think clearly. Most are 
confused about their relationships, how to communicate, what is important in life, 
how they feel, what they need, and what they should do. In fact, confusion is normal for most people. This is one of the reasons there is so much unhappiness in 
the world.

When you are clear, you avoid much pain and your attitudes and actions always 
move you toward happiness. Clarity brings about right action. Right action 
brings about a sense of rightness with yourself and the universe.

Strive to become clear. Strive to know the highest truth about everything you can. 
All true clarity comes from deep within. It comes through your intuition. It is a 
part of your spirit, your soul. Remember, most of what you need to know is al- 
ready within you. Truth is within you. All you need to do is learn to trust yourself 
and know where to look within yourself.

In childhood we are rarely encouraged to look within ourselves. No wonder most 
people are confused. We are told to listen to others, but seldom told to listen to 
ourselves. As a result we become clear about what others expect from us. We do 
not necessarily become clear about what is really good for us.

Imagine that you are faced with a problem with a friend. You are in conflict about 
something. Your friend tells you what to do. Your family tells you what to do. 
You consider what someone you admire would do. Eventually you are clear about 
what others expect you to do, but you are not clear about what is really right for 
you. No wonder you are confused.

Strive to become clear about what you want. Listen to your own inner voice. Be- 
come clear on how you feel. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Your emotions 
help you understand yourself. Become clear on what you need. Your needs may 
be very different from what you think you should need. Become clear on what is 
really important in the scheme of things. Prioritize. Put what is really important to you first.

Once you become clear on these issues, you will more clearly know what actions to 
take. You will know how to think. You will know what attitudes are most beneficial to adopt. You will know how to react in your relationships and in your business. You will know better how to keep yourself healthy. You will know how to 
make yourself happy.

Being clear means being true to yourself. It is wisdom. It means being willing to 
explore your “inner reality” courageously. It means being willing to be wrong. It means having a willingness to be open to new attitudes about things. It is easy to hold on to old ideas and attitudes. Sometimes we hold on hardest to the attitudes 
that no longer help us. It is easier to believe things that you accepted many years 
ago and more difficult to change to new ways of thinking. If your old attitudes no 
longer bring you happiness, it is better to find new and more appropriate attitudes.

To be clear you need to be willing to take a courageous quest into the unknown. 
Say, “I want to be clear. I want to know the truth.” Open the door of your mind and heart. Ask for wisdom from the highest in you. Quiet yourself. Ask for clarity from within.

Find out what is right for you. Become clear on what you want, how you feel, 
what you need, and what is really important. When you do, you will discover that 
your resulting actions will also be right for everyone else around you. This will happen automatically because it is based on what is true and good for you. Do not 
be afraid of what others may think. Do not be afraid that your clarity might upset 
others. It is all right to “rock the boat” sometimes. Remember, if it is truly good 
for you, it will lead to what is good for others.

When you are clear, you open the door to happiness. When you are clear, you own yourself. When you are clear, you encourage all around you to be clear. When you 
are clear you begin to live more fully in truth.

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