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Anxiety Treatment

Your anxiety is curable with Dr. Wendy Hill. Regression hypnosis and inner child healing treatment.

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Are you looking for anxiety treatment that works? Are you wanting a deeper spiritual connection?

If you’re reading this perhaps you’ve been dealing with anxiety for a while. You know, you are not alone. Most people have anxiety. In fact, anxiety is so common that for some it’s a way of life. But it doesn’t have to be.

Some anxiety is normal. Trying something new that requires some level of risk or facing a situation or condition that is dangerous physically or emotionally create normal anxiety. Sometimes feelings of fear are helpful and give us warning signs to pay attention to something we need to know so we can act accordingly. Normal anxiety is usually short lived and passes when the problem is solved or the danger is no longer present. But that’s not the kind of anxiety I’m talking about today. I’m talking about the unhealthy anxiety that has diminished you and your experience of life.

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I’m going to tell you about the real and often hidden causes of this kind of anxiety. Now, of course you are unique. Everyone is. So if we work together what I have to say can be customized just for you and your life.

You can have anxiety treatment that works. Your anxiety is that awful feeling you have in your body that is a result of thoughts you have. Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, those thoughts that cause you anxiety are spontaneous and automatic. They may be a part of a pattern of thoughts you have and that pattern of thoughts may be so ingrained that you are not even aware of having the thoughts. Those thoughts are unconscious and automatic. I’ll give some examples in a moment.

The thoughts you have all have to do with what you believe about yourself and your world. Your anxiety is caused by negative thoughts. Some people have what I call catastrophic thoughts. These are exaggerated fear thoughts.

Here are some examples of spontaneous unconscious catastrophic thoughts. “When I do this nobody is going to like it. I will fail again.” Or “This plane could crash.” Or “I won’t be able to do what I need to do.” “I’m going to lose complete control of this situation.” Or “I’ve made terrible mistakes I will never be able to correct.”

Your negative self-defeating thought will always be a threat to your safety, lovability, worthiness, innocence, or abilities. Get the anxiety treatment that works with Dr. Wendy Hill. Transform those negative thoughts into self-love and peace of mind.

Your response to any give situation may well be a part of a pattern of anxious thoughts you have in your life. So where and how do such self-defeating thoughts originate? Well, they come from your past experience mostly as a child. What you experienced as a child programs you. It programs how you think about yourself and your world and it programs how you will feel and it programs how you will act. Those upsetting experiences you had as a child that have not been healed and remain unconscious will automatically cause you to think, feel, and act in self-defeating ways.

If you would like to know more about how this anxiety treatment works and how you can help yourself I invite you to contact me for a live Zoom session or an in-person session in my office in Encinitas, California. You can also download one of my self-guided workshops like The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life or The Call To Adventure or you can listen to my wisdom-filled audios in Life Lessons. Meanwhile, I am here.

My very best to you, Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

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Hypnotherapy Combined with Psychotherapy Treats the Root Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common human conditions. Anxiety can rob your well-being and happiness. But it does not need to. Anxiety can be resolved often without the help of medication.  By treating the root cause you can eradicate both. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. and certified clinical hypnotherapist, uses proven techniques that treat the root causes of anxiety. Dr. Wendy doesn’t just treat the symptoms. Using advanced hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques she treats the conditions and experiences that create it. She has been in practice for over 40 years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Anxiety is typically caused by underlying feelings of helplessness regarding some life condition or event. It can manifest in the form of worry, fear of future events or conditions, or anxious expectation of some perceived uncomfortable experience. Anxiety is backed by subconscious beliefs regarding one’s own ability to have control. Feeling out of control over something can cause extreme anxiety. The beliefs that cause anxiety often originate in childhood and can follow you through life. By bringing into your awareness the original underlying cause of anxiety you can replace it with feelings of empowerment and peace of mind. To learn more about this process click on Hypnotherapy, Regression, Core Beliefs. Dr. Wendy’s anxiety treatment works to transform anxiety into peace of mind and calm.

Watch video on inner child healing.

Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety treatment with Dr. Wendy works on anxiety attacks. An anxiety attack can be a frightening experience. An attack can cause extreme panic, rapid heartbeat, and a feeling of being unable to catch breath. Anxiety attacks have a tendency to come to a peak and then move to resolution. One has to “ride out” the attack. An anxiety attack is always proceeded by an anxious and often irrational thought. Find the thought, turn it around, and you can stop or diminish an anxiety attack. Understanding the underlying cause of fearful and irrational thinking is also very important in controlling anxiety attacks.

Client True Story

Kathy suffered from anxiety for years. She had tried traditional psychotherapy and various self healing techniques and therapies yet her anxiety persisted. By the time she came to me she had all but lost hope that any kind of therapy could help her. After just several sessions she identified the anxiety inducing conditions and events in her past that she had either forgotten or trivialized. Immediately her anxiety began to lift. She went back into her life with a new resolve and a new confidence. Several years later I connected with her. Her changed attitudes and feelings continued to be amazing. She was confident and had accomplished many of the things she had put off prior to her hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. She found that for her Dr. Wendy’s anxiety treatment works.

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