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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Twelve

Do you think you are a victim of childhood circumstances? Well, in some ways you are. However, you, without realizing it participated in your original programming by how you interpreted your experiences and how you chose to deal with what happened to you. You have you own temperament and personality…from the beginning. So consider this … Read more

A Sacrifice That Opens My Heart

CBS Sunday Morning I learned about a woman who has been faithful to her husband since he was listed missing in action in 1944 and whose grave was only recently discovered in France. The woman learned that the people of the small French town near which his plane crashed has been honoring her husband since … Read more

Humans Are Human

Being a therapist for over thirty years has given me many gifts. What an honor to have so many people share their hopes and fears with me over the years.  But I have become the student. My clients have taught me many things. One of the most helpful things they have taught me is understanding … Read more

Letting Go

I watch (and listen to) the tearing down and rebuilding of my deck, Willie barking at the commotion, the negotiation of the traffic on my driveway, the spiders seeking refuge in the house, the dry rot trash that is littered around the yard, and the early arrival of the workers with screaming saws in hand. … Read more

Paying Attention

Recently a friend gave me a copy of Self-Realization Magazine. In it I read an article about the importance of paying attention and the dangers of multi-tasking. In the article I read, “Our attention is pure energy. It transforms whatever it comes into contact with.” The article went on to say that studies show that … Read more