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How Core Beliefs Are Formed

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In this on-going blog I, Wendy Hill, Ph.D., will continue to comment on each aspect of self transformation. This is called the Renaissance (reawakening) Experience of Core Belief Transformation. Learn more at or call me at 760-994-9296. How Core Beliefs Are Formed   You have a problem: First there is the problem. You might … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Sixteen

You have heard the word.  You have probably been accused of having it…or even accused yourself. The word is denial. Denial is a normal survival and coping response to conflict in childhood. However, your childhood denial brought into adult experience will hurt you. What can help you in childhood can harm you in adulthood. Denial … Read more

Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Fifteen

Your thoughts and decisions you make during your high impact moments will always interpret into certain behavior patterns. Some patterns last a lifetime. Some are helpful. Some are self destructive. Remember that decisions you made as an infant or child were made by an immature mind. Behavior patterns that follow will also be immature in … Read more