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How To Say What I Want

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Saying what you need and want can put you in control of your life. Not saying what you need and want can have upsetting results and can even cause depression and hopelessness. How we communicate is perhaps the most powerful way we create our happiness or unhappiness. Learning to communicate compassionately and effectively is an … Read more

Personal Growth Questions Answered

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Do you think you might be an adult child of a narcissistic parent? Do you have a significant other that you think needs therapy but refuses to go? Are you finding that your communication skills don’t serve you any more and want to learn some that really help you get your needs filled? Do you … Read more

Social Anxiety and Facebook

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Facebook, designed originally to help people connect, has instead helped contribute to increased social anxiety. Facebook’s users have become accustomed to “connecting” through the digital wall that doesn’t require real life interaction. As a result they lose the ability to connect with other humans in a way that is genuine. This digital wall also protects … Read more