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Two Most Asked Questions About Anxiety

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Most asked question One: My life is good. Why am I so anxious?  Anxiety can come from current circumstances such as upsetting relationship, job conflicts, financial challenges, or health issues. Sometimes we can trivialize the impact of our current life circumstances. For example, someone important to you not returning a phone call can cause you … Read more

Five Powerful Ways To Manage Anxiety

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Hello friend. I practice psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in Encinitas, California. I help people successfully deal with their anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t have to run your life. But you do need to take action. Here are five powerful ways to manage anxiety. One: Observe your anxious thoughts. When you feel particularly anxious mentally stop yourself and ask … Read more

Social Anxiety and Facebook

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Facebook, designed originally to help people connect, has instead helped contribute to increased social anxiety. Facebook’s users have become accustomed to “connecting” through the digital wall that doesn’t require real life interaction. As a result they lose the ability to connect with other humans in a way that is genuine. This digital wall also protects … Read more