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For Those Who Have Been Bullied

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Were you bullied in school? Are you being bullied now? Here is something to remember about yourself: Like this fire hydrant, the butt of many jokes, you are also that which brings stability and safety to the people in your life. You are a precious human being. And that makes you of great value. Dwelling … Read more

How To Say What I Want

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Saying what you need and want can put you in control of your life. Not saying what you need and want can have upsetting results and can even cause depression and hopelessness. How we communicate is perhaps the most powerful way we create our happiness or unhappiness. Learning to communicate compassionately and effectively is an … Read more

Self-Esteem and Your Voice

Your voice, speaking, singing, whatever, is directly related to your self-esteem. As a therapist I have noticed so often with my clients how they use their voice. Some speak overly loud so to make sure they are “heard”. Often such people felt they were not heard in childhood so overcompensate by speaking loudly. But all … Read more

Self-Esteem – Raise Self-Confidence With San Diego & Encinitas Hypnosis

Self-confidence is essential for your happiness. CentrePoint, Inc. and Wendy Hill, MA in San Diego and Encinitas offer hypnotherapy for self-esteem. Hypnosis can measurably increase your confidence. Your level self esteem is reflected in everything you do. High self-confidence doesn’t come automatically. It is earned. Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for boosting self-worth. Hypnosis can help you understand yourself, why you do what you do, why you feel what you feel, and why you make the choices you make.

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