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Social Anxiety and Facebook

Facebook, designed originally to help people connect, has instead helped contribute to increased social anxiety. Facebook’s users have become accustomed to “connecting” through the digital wall that doesn’t require real life interaction. As a result they lose the ability to connect with other humans in a way that is genuine. This digital wall also protects Facebook’s users from the consequences of inappropriate or unkind communications. The user doesn’t have to take responsibility for the pain or discord they may be causing. Nor does the user reap the benefits of genuine and kind communication. Ultimately Facebook protects its users from having to deal with any live social interaction creating socially inexperienced people. This lack of experience creates anxiety…social anxiety. Want a recommendation? Back away from Facebook and get out to a positive environment where people interact. Join a group. Walk your dog where others’ walk their dogs. Take a class. Volunteer. Just get around people. You’ll be fine and you can reap the benefits of what can happen when you interact in a positive way. A word of caution: there are people who have a high level of anxiety and use Facebook to avoid dealing with their social fears. If that’s you then consider going to counseling for a couple of sessions. It could help enormously. Check out to learn more about anxiety and what causes it.

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