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How Do I Get My Husband, Wife, Partner To Go To Therapy

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“My husband/wife/partner will not go to therapy and I know that he/she really needs it. If they don’t go I don’t know what to do. Help?” Hi, I’m Dr. Wendy and I have heard this desperate call many times over the years. People can feel trapped in a relationship that is entirely unhealthy for them … Read more

Personal Growth Questions Answered

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Do you think you might be an adult child of a narcissistic parent? Do you have a significant other that you think needs therapy but refuses to go? Are you finding that your communication skills don’t serve you any more and want to learn some that really help you get your needs filled? Do you … Read more

What A Session With Wendy Hill, Ph.D. Would Be Like: One

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Over the years I, Wendy Hill, Ph.D., have learned from many clients that being my client is different than any experience they have had with other therapists and that the is different from any therapy they have previously experienced. It is true that my approach is unique, non-traditional, and in the opinion of my clients … Read more