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wealth luxury concept

Abundance is always waiting for you. It’s a matter of circumstance in time……that is what your life is currently presenting to you in order for you to learn something from your experience. If you refuse to learn from it and continue to see yourself as a victim then you will keep abundance in wait. If … Read more

Election Stress

people using voting booths to vote in an election

Stressed out by this election? Make sure you find time to chill out. Spend a few minutes with your own thoughts and feelings and allow them to flow past you like the weather…clouds one moment and sunshine the next. You can come out of your reverie calm and rested.

Courage, Perseverance, Positive Attitude

trees alley 8CGAC2G scaled

Last night Aaron Linsdau inspired us with stories about his world record trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. It’s difficult to believe the conditions and events he endured as he shared with such a positive “can do” attitude. Nothing stopped him…not illness, not broken equipment, not life threatening weather conditions…nothing. His … Read more

Aging Women Are Worthy

aged business woman with earphones enjoying music

Are you a woman afraid of aging? If you are not you must be from another culture…maybe from another planet. From the time we can perceive the world outside of ourselves we have been given subtle and not-so-subtle messages that our worthiness, our desirability, our very value is defined by our age. Yes, we are … Read more

Compassion For Rescue Dog

cute dog behind the kitchen table

Charlie is a one-eyed rescue dog who I met on my way out of Ralphs in Encinitas. We don’t know how he lost his eye but we are so glad he has found a loving home. When I see such a sight and the challenge that God has presented to us here on earth I … Read more