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San Diego & Encinitas Hypnotherapist Inner Child Healing

Are you in therapy now or have you been in therapy where your therapist only wants to talk about current problems? The top San Diego and Encinitas Hypnotherapist, Wendy Hill, MA, PhD (2013) believes that inner child healing is what will get you real results. Consider this, your current or past therapy that focused only on current problems may simply be treating the symptoms of a deeper pattern or problem. For example, you are feeling sad over a loss of a love and your depression is deep. Did you know that when we have a loss of any kind that not only do we feel the impact of the current loss but the impact of all unhealed losses in the past. That could go back as far as childhood. So something upsetting can trigger an over reaction to what is really happening because your past still is remaining essentially unhealed. By treating the symptom you guarantee only temporary relief and a guarantee that the problem will re-appear later, sometimes in greater force. Inner child healing is the answer. Regression back to the past opens the door to healing those forgotten yet so powerful moment of pain. It doesn’t take long and it does offer healing. The benefit? Peace of mind and an assurance that that old pain won’t resurface when there is another bump in life’s bumpy road. Learn more at

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