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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Two

Do you think you know yourself? You might be surprised to learn that your thoughts create you. Read and learn how this happens.

What I Think, I Am

Two in a series on Core Beliefs and your Original Programming. Follow and read. You will learn how you became you.

What I think, I am

“I am what I think I am.” It matters little what others think of you. It matters a great deal what you think of yourself. If what you believe about yourself supports happiness and success, you will have the experience of happiness and success. If what you believe about yourself is fearful, judgmental, and supports failure, you will have the experience of fear, judgment, and failure. Again, what you experience is a reflection of and a direct result of your beliefs about yourself, others, and the nature of reality.


“Others will treat me as I believe they will treat me.” You choose your relationships based on what you believe about others and how you believe they will treat you. By remaining in them you continue to choose them. Others choose you in accordance with their beliefs. Relationships are a reflection of not only what you believe, but of what the other person believes. Whether it is healthy or not, it is always a match.

In article three you will learn about Robert.

Wendy Hill, MA, PhD (2013) San Diego Hypnosis Life Coach Psychotherapy Counseling

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