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Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can open the door to understanding your past lives and their influence on your current life. People call me wanting to know how past life regression works. Here is what I tell people. First I ask why they are interested in learning about a past life. Most of the time they say that something in their current life is bothering them. It may be an inharmonious relationship, depression, anxiety, a phobia, or just a feeling that something is not right with them and they want to explore the possibility that something was left incomplete in a past life. I tell them that certainly our past lives are deeply influential on our current life. Our attitudes, prejudices, fears, likes, dislikes, relationship issues, health, finances, etc. are all influenced by past lives. Our past lives will reveal our unfinished business – those things we are yet to learn on our journey toward self awareness and being our true selves.

In hypnotherapy one can go to a past life that is most influential on one’s current life. How we lived, how we died and the core beliefs we took with us at death can all translate into the core beliefs we carry in our current life. A core belief is a deeply held attitude we carry about our selves, others, and how life will be for us. For example our core beliefs determine our conviction about our worthiness, health, love, other people’s perception of us.

Imagine that in a past life you died feeling angry or bitter. Now imagine that those feelings and the attitudes (core beliefs) that accompany them are carried forward into your current life. Imagine that your soul self picked just the right life circumstances and family in which to be born that reflect those same feelings and attitudes. Now imagine that you can access not only your past life experiences that created those angry or bitter feelings and attitudes but that you can access those experiences that triggered them in your current life. Now imagine that you, your soul self, can step in and actually communicate with the you as an infant, fetus, child in this life and with the person you were in a past life. Now imagine that you can communicate in such a way as to transform those angry and bitter feelings into love, acceptance, and peace of mind. This is the power of hypnotherapy and past life regression. You can change your life on a deep soul consciousness level.

Several years ago I worked with a woman age 40 who was still living with her verbally abusive adopted mother. She had no place of her own, no loving relationship with a significant other, and not real income producing job. Through current and past life regression she was able to identify those experiences and attitudes that were brought forward from a past life into the circumstances of her current life that guaranteed the emotional struggles she was enduring. She was amazed to learn what she saw and was even more amazed that by identifying the experiences, core beliefs, and releasing the pent up soul emotions associated that she was set free of the binding influence of those negative core beliefs. Within a year she had found a better job, gone back to school to further her education, got into a healthy relationship, and moved out from her abusive adopted mother. Her story is not isolated. Many of my clients have found new freedom and peace of mind through hypnotherapy and past life regression.

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