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Past Life Regression Success Story

Past life regression can be a door for healing and transformation in this life. Melody came to see me in my office complaining about her anxiety. Although she had experienced traditional therapy she still had the anxiety. In fact, it was getting worse. She was afraid her anxiety would cost her the job she loved. … Read more

How Past Life Regression Can Help You

Past life regression can offer you the opportunity to learn much about yourself in your current life. It can show you what positive attitudes and patterns you have brought forward. By doing so you can reinforce those positive attributes. Past life regression can also show you what self-defeating or negative attitudes and patterns you have … Read more

Past Life Regression and Near Death Experiences Study by Encinitas and San Diego Therapist

I’m a therapist in San Diego and Encinitas who has studied near death experiences for years and finds there a very compelling justification for past life regression therapy. For many years I have worked with people helping them transform subconscious self defeating core beliefs that were formed in their current lifetime. This kind of therapy … Read more