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Hypnotherapy and the Subconscious Mind

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Did you know that 90% of what you do is decided by your subconscious mind? It’s true. Research shows that only 10% of your conscious mind is available to make the decisions that effect your every day life. How you think, react, and feel are primarily generated by your subconscious mind. Now that doesn’t sound … Read more

Executive Coaching and Hypnotherapy Helps High Level Executives

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Does this sound like a strange combination: executive coaching and hypnotherapy? Actually, it’s a natural fit. I’m Dr. Wendy Hill, executive and business coach and hypnotherapist. I specialize in helping high level executives identify and transform underlying self-defeating core beliefs about self, money, love, success, and relationship. Your core beliefs literally dictate your emotions and … Read more

Anger Management

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“I’m seeming to get more angry more often towards people. What’s that about?” Your anger toward others comes from your unrecognized anger toward some condition or event in your past or current life. The kind of anger that is generalized toward others is simply a way of expressing what is frustrating you. It helps if … Read more