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Past Life Regression: Lessons It Can Teach You

Some people ask for a past life regression because they are curious about who they were and what happened to them. It can be interesting, no, fascinating, to reflect on the past “yous.” What was my life like? Who did I know? Do I know them in this life? Have I progressed? So many questions. But what lessons can you learn from a past life? Perhaps each life has a series of lessons to learn such as compassion, discipline, self sufficiency and responsibility, courage, generosity, etc. If you are inclined to look at your past lives then while you are there consider asking what lesson that life had for you. Ask what decisions you made during high impact moments of that life and how those decisions may be affecting you today. Consider how it might serve you to think differently. At your death in a past life what did you want to have done, felt, given, been, or experienced that you did not? Have you grown or are you simply repeating patterns you acted out in your past life? Perhaps asking and attempting to answer these questions, whether you believe you had a past life or not, may help you clarify your direction in this life.

Wendy Hill M.A., Ph.D. (2013) is a San Diego Counselor and Hypnosis Therapist.

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