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How Past Life Regression Can Help You

Past life regression can offer you the opportunity to learn much about yourself in your current life. It can show you what positive attitudes and patterns you have brought forward. By doing so you can reinforce those positive attributes. Past life regression can also show you what self-defeating or negative attitudes and patterns you have brought into your current life. By reviewing what happened in a past life and seeing what conditions occurred that caused you to take on negative attitudes and patterns, you can actually heal and transform them into positive helpful attitudes and behaviors in this life.

Here is a real life example: Sarah came to me wanting to know her true career path but felt she was blocked in some inexplicable way. She knew she wanted to help others but had fears of moving forward or even knowing how to channel or focus her desire to help. During her past life regression her “soul self” took her to the appropriate life that caused her block and set up the fears she brought forward. In the life to which she was led she discovered that she had been severely punished for helping a friend who had been unjustly accused of a crime. In this life my client had been socially ostracized and forced from her home. She consequently died of overexposure. As soon as Sarah saw this her block was lifted and she was able to move forward.

Chances are you have had many past lives. How will you know which one to review? A skilled hypnotherapist trained in past life regression can help guide you to the appropriate life to review and can help you make the transformations and realizations necessary. If you are interested in learning more about how a past life regression can help you consider doing a session. In invite you to call and discuss your situation with me on the phone. In person sessions are always helpful however, I also do telephone sessions.

This life is filled with many mysteries that can be dispelled. Past life regression can be an opening door for you to have a better life.

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