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Hypnotherapy Benefits

Hypnotherapy does what no other therapy can

  • To the root of the problem…not just talk around it
  • Most rapid results

Hypnotherapy is the “magic wand” of therapies. Because hypnosis opens the door to the subconscious mind it can reach and influence parts of our personalities, behaviors, and core beliefs that are otherwise closed to us. Over the over thirty years of my private practice, I have had the opportunity to “test” many modes of therapy. I have also had the opportunity to receive feedback from many clients who have tried other therapies. Nothing seems to compare to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. In my experience, here is no better modality to bring about positive change.

The following are a few of the wonderful ways hypnotherapy can help:

  • Resolve relationship problems
  • Eliminate addictions
  • Decrease stress
  • Resolve phobias
  • Heal with Regression Therapy
  • Remove anxiety and depression
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Find peace of mind
  • Heal sexual abuse
  • Heal the inner child
  • Identify and transform core beliefs