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What A Session With Wendy Hill, Ph.D. Would Be Like: One

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Over the years I, Wendy Hill, Ph.D., have learned from many clients that being my client is different than any experience they have had with other therapists and that the is different from any therapy they have previously experienced. It is true that my approach is unique, non-traditional, and in the opinion of my clients … Read more

The Priceless Therapist

There is something that your therapist can give you that your money cannot buy. It is their willingness to courageously fight for your freedom with their skills and with their hearts. A therapist that is willing to trust their own intuition and to truly care about you is priceless. This means that they are willing to … Read more

Right Attitude For Therapy

Are you about to enter into therapy? There is a right attitude to bring with you that will surely serve you and help move you toward your goal. Make sure you have picked and feel comfortable with a good therapist. Once you have had your initial interview and trust that your therapist has the skill … Read more

Optimum Age For Therapy

Life is difficult. This is an ancient truth. The question is how do we best deal with life’s difficulties. Certainly one option is to seek therapy when we feel stuck in our own ability to resolve an emotional or relationship problem. In the over thirty years I have been in private practice as a therapist … Read more