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Relationship Help With Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in Encinitas and San Diego

“So many people are looking for relationship help with hypnosis. Because the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, hypnotherapy is perfect for getting that help,” says Wendy Hill, MA of Encinitas and San Diego  at CentrePoint, Inc. Willie, Wendy’s therapy dog, is the perfect example of a happy relationship with the … Read more

How My Cancer Brought Us Together in San Diego Near Encinitas

Here in San Diego near Encinitas years ago my husband came home from a book fair holding a book entitled, Thank God For My Cancer. As a therapist I knew that the writer of the book had experienced something extraordinary that had changed her for the better. Recently a client came to me with her … Read more

Depression Four: Unexpressed Anger

Buried beneath depression can be many emotions: grief, shame, guilt, hurt, resentment, fear, and perhaps most importantly, anger, even rage. Anger is important because it is often the one emotion that once recognized, acknowledged, and expressed can free you from the grip of depression. Most people who are depressed fear their anger and often place … Read more

Infidelity: Forgiveness

Have you had had an affair that has been revealed to your partner and you are seeking resolution and healing for he relationship? Are you hoping that somehow you can find forgiveness for your acts? It is possible. Forgiveness is the final emotional and spiritual act in the healing process after a betrayal has been … Read more