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Infidelity: Forgiveness

Have you had had an affair that has been revealed to your partner and you are seeking resolution and healing for he relationship? Are you hoping that somehow you can find forgiveness for your acts? It is possible. Forgiveness is the final emotional and spiritual act in the healing process after a betrayal has been … Read more

Infidelity: The Spiritual Healing

Healing the betrayal of unfaithfulness requires some strong medicine. First you must do your psychological work. Seriously consider going into counseling to examine and transform the self defeating and negative core beliefs that drove you to the infidelity. Once considered, do it. You will discover some liberating things about yourself. Not only does this begin … Read more

Infidelity: Revenge Sex

Perhaps the most cruel kind of infidelity is revenge sex. For those who indulge in this kind of punishment of a supposed loved one please consider the damage you are doing to yourself and to others. Revenge sex is based on a deep seated belief of unworthiness and powerlessness. Because the individual participating in revenge … Read more