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San Diego and Encinitas Counseling and Hypnosis Has a Valentine Moment in Local Mall

Falling in love may be easy, says San Diego and Encinitas hypnosis and counseling therapist, Wendy Hill, M.A. In fact, it’s easy and fun to watch. While in the mall over the weekend standing in a long line to return an item I noticed a couple with a loaded shopping cart affectionately entangled with each … Read more

Hypnosis In San Diego and Encinitas Valentine’s Day: Healing Past Affairs

Did you know that hypnosis and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas can help you heal the heart ache and mistrust of past affairs? Some people simply divorced. But some people seek counseling and hypnotherapy to help gain some understanding as to why the affair(s) happened in the first place. Did you know that affairs … Read more

How My Cancer Brought Us Together in San Diego Near Encinitas

Here in San Diego near Encinitas years ago my husband came home from a book fair holding a book entitled, Thank God For My Cancer. As a therapist I knew that the writer of the book had experienced something extraordinary that had changed her for the better. Recently a client came to me with her … Read more

Three HUGE Mistakes Women Make In Love: A Therapist View San Diego & Encinitas # One

This is the first in s series of articles on mistakes women make in love from a therapist point of view in San Diego and Encintias. Mistake Number One: “My love will change him.” Everyone is flawed. That’s the human condition. Once you accept that everyone is flawed including yourself then accepting others and yourself … Read more