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Weight Loss Four: The Myth Of The Magic Wand

Most people looking for help in losing weight are looking for a magic wand…a hypnotic suggestion, a shot, a pill, a clinic, a diet. Something that will be effortless, quick, and is as painless as possible. Many hypnotherapists won’t even take a client who says they want to lose weight because of the massive misunderstanding of how to solve the overeating problem. Overeating is not the real problem. It is a symptom of the real problem. Just as a runny nose is a symptom of a cold, overeating is a symptom of a more complex condition. While millions of dollars a spent on nose drops so, too, are multi-millions of dollars are spent of remedies for losing weight. People are wooed by the promise that something is going to make it easy. Somehow magically the unwanted weight will disappear. Even intelligently designed healthy eating programs and support groups can miss the point. The point is that in the general population overeating is caused by a basic unhappiness and disharmony in one’s life that has gone, perhaps for years, unaddressed and denied. Facing one’s problematic life challenges can be difficult and painful. But once done, it’s done. A relatively short time in therapy is nothing compared to years of despairing over weight, empty promises, not to mention the money spent on magic wand remedies and treatments. You know intuitively that all this is true. Whatever your life challenge, there is an answer and a resolution. This is not an empty promise. An inspired therapist can help you through the fear, guilt, anger, and hurt. They can help you build a new life. Then your weight will automatically adjust because you will be eating in healthy amounts.

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