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Infidelity: Forgiveness

Have you had had an affair that has been revealed to your partner and you are seeking resolution and healing for he relationship? Are you hoping that somehow you can find forgiveness for your acts? It is possible. Forgiveness is the final emotional and spiritual act in the healing process after a betrayal has been revealed. First must come the psychological and spiritual work. And this work must be done by both people. Both of you must work through your denial, fear, hurt, anger, guilt, and self condemnation. Each of you have in your own way participated in the creation of this circumstance. Both you and your partner have created this on an unconscious level. Both of you need to become conscious of how you participated in the creation of the betrayal. For example, if you are the partner who has been victimized by this act you may find that you were unconsciously set up by your childhood experiences to commit to someone who would likely have an affair. Therapy can help reveal whatever set you up. Finally after each of you has taken complete responsibility for what has happened and you have connected to your spiritual center you can both experience forgiveness and trust can be established. This is not an easy road. Many take the road of divorce and/or bitterness. However, forgiveness can transform your life in such a profound and splendid way that it if worth the effort. Find peace and love again or perhaps for the first time.

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