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Right Attitude For Therapy

Are you about to enter into therapy? There is a right attitude to bring with you that will surely serve you and help move you toward your goal. Make sure you have picked and feel comfortable with a good therapist. Once you have had your initial interview and trust that your therapist has the skill and experience to help you then give your therapist the trust they require to help you. This means you need to approach therapy with a certain humility and “innocence.” Even if you have had therapy before or have a degree in psychology or have done reading in the field you must allow your therapist to “have their way with you.” Remember that good therapy is going to be challenging. If you are not challenged then consider that you are not in the right place. You cannot expect to grow and experience positive change unless you are facing difficult issues. Therapy should help you build your character and strengthen your ability to face life’s challenges. Allow your therapist to challenge you. Just make sure they are doing it with love and compassion. Many people entering therapy quit after the first or second session because they are looking or someone to wave a magic wand and take responsibility for them. You are responsible for the quality of your therapy…by who you choose as a therapist and by how much responsibility you take for the “work.” Come with the right attitude and you will win.

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