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The Priceless Therapist

There is something that your therapist can give you that your money cannot buy. It is their willingness to courageously fight for your freedom with their skills and with their hearts. A therapist that is willing to trust their own intuition and to truly care about you is priceless. This means that they are willing to challenge you knowing you won’t like it. It means that they will return your call promptly when you are having anxiety. It means that they risk not being liked by you as you filter through your confusion and make some kind of sense of how he or she is telling you. It means you will always feel and see their love and compassion in their voice and in their eyes even when they are saying something that is uncomfortable for you to hear. If you have a therapist that fits this description then you must acknowledge them for their courage, love, and commitment to your freedom. Again, this kind of therapist is rare and if you are fortunate enough to have one you would do well to recognize it and praise them. Therapists who are like this are not just a professional service, client in, client out like so much dry cleaning. They are a treasure and you must treat them as such with your kindness and careful consideration.

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