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Be Careful What You Tell Your People

Once you have found a good therapist be careful what you tell your significant other. Naturally they will want to know how your therapy is going and what was being discussed. If you are in one-on-one therapy it is often best to tell your people that you would prefer not to discuss your therapy. Since this might not go over well with many significant others I often suggest this to clients myself. I tell them to tell their people that it was my suggestion so it gets them off the hook. This way my clients can feel free to explore all aspects of their relationships without feeling they have to report. During therapy you are vulnerable and experimental in your explorations. It is important that you have the emotional privacy and freedom to express yourself. Sometimes a client will abridge this suggestion for privacy and tell a significant other something that was discussed to teach a lesson or to punish their significant other. Unfortunately this can be destructive and undermine the therapy itself. You want your people to support your efforts. If you lead them to believe that you are discussing things that put them in a bad light you may loose their support. Or they may have their own perception of things and want to influence your perceptions. So if you are going to share any of your experience of therapy please use your good sense and intuition.

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