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Past Life Regression and Near Death Experiences Study by Encinitas and San Diego Therapist

I’m a therapist in San Diego and Encinitas who has studied near death experiences for years and finds there a very compelling justification for past life regression therapy. For many years I have worked with people helping them transform subconscious self defeating core beliefs that were formed in their current lifetime. This kind of therapy is the most profound I have seen in terms of resolving problems and creating an environment for peace of mind. My recent studies of near death experiences of those who have clinically died and somehow come back to life opens a door for an extended form of the therapy I have been utilizing for years. That is using as a springboard a current problem into a past life to discover the genesis or beginning of the problem. For example, a woman who is suffering from childhood damage of a narcissistic mother finds that in a past lifetime she, herself, damaged her children in a similar way. This awareness can help the woman accept with compassion her current mother’s plight. It can also help her see her own tendency toward narcissistic behavior and help her correct it. In other words, she can no longer see herself as a victim. She can take full responsibility for her situation and move forward in her life. In this way past life regression can be a powerful equalizer and healer.

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