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Past Life Regression Success Story

Past life regression can be a door for healing and transformation in this life. Melody came to see me in my office complaining about her anxiety. Although she had experienced traditional therapy she still had the anxiety. In fact, it was getting worse. She was afraid her anxiety would cost her the job she loved. Melody had a feeling that something in a past life may have set her anxiety in motion so she asked for a past life regression. In her regression Melody “remembered” being abused throughout her childhood and then finding herself in a abusive marriage as an adult. This set in Melody’s “memory DNA” the belief that abuse was normal and what she was supposed to experience. She brought this belief into her current life and in doing so continued the pattern of being a victim of abuse. After the session Melody felt a great sense of relief as she realized on a deep level that she no longer had to carry that belief. Melody continued with her therapy which included current life inner child healing and soon found a sense of self worth she had never experienced before.  Past life regression can be a powerful door opener for current life healing.

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